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We are out of time

A right wing government and unpredictable Senate with power held by racist and climate denying extremists has just been confirmed for Australia.

We are in the last few years of what was called the “critical decade” for our climate.

It is time to cast away any pretensions that a political solution is possible to the climate crisis. Those who still held faith with Malcolm Turnbull, and were waiting for what he’d do once elected in his own right – have been firmly answered.

Queensland MP, George Christensen has been emboldened by the election of Pauline Hanson and her policies of racism and climate denial.

So where to from here?

We need to step up, and organise in numbers larger than ever seen before. We need a huge and growing nonviolent resistance to the fossil fuel industry. We need to push for coal mines to start closing, and communities to receive just transitions. We must stop any new proposed fossil fuel projects with our bodies and our sheer force of numbers. We need to stand with farmers and small regional communities as they face down giant fossil fuel companies. We need to bring cities to a standstill, and move the social license of all fossil fuel industries to the toxic fume levels of asbestos, and cigarettes – because hey, they will do more damage than those two combined.

We need to build resilient communities and mutual aid, caring for each other in the face of increasing extreme weather. We need to re-think the economic system that drives the extractivist mindset.

We need to not give up, we need to stand up.


When you sign up we will be getting in touch with you to introduce you to people in your area, connect you to grassroots activist organisations and those working on direct action, let you know about upcoming training, as well as provide action kits and resources for you to run your own events. If you have never been involved before, no problem, we can support you.

It is time to push back. We have nothing to lose, but our planet.

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