Join the Impeachment Parade


By the People invites every New Yorker who is ready to remove the Trump Administration from office to join the Impeachment Parade on October 28th in Battery Park!

The event will feature the Baby Trump Balloon, which Trump said made him feel 'unwelcome' in the UK. We think it's time he started to feel unwelcome in the US too.

We are holding this parade to kick off mass mobilization to impeach Trump and remove his Administration from power. Enough is enough: the high crimes of the Trump Administration - from separating families, stoking racism and engaging in corruption - call for real action from every American.

Resisting this President and his administration is not a political action, it is one of survival. He has proven every day since elected that he is unfit to serve as our country’s leader. We must use every tool at our disposal to push back. Ego and insecurity is Trump’s Achilles’ Heel - and we'll take aim at it together on the 28th.

Not in New York? Donate to support and we’ll bring the movement to you.


What: Impeachment Parade featuring Baby Trump Balloon
When: Sunday October 28th, 2018 at 3 PM
Where: Battery Park, New York City
Who: By the People, People's Motorcade and you

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