Join the Movement to End Ageism.

A vision of a world without ageism

Ageism—prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination based on age—is rampant and it diminishes us all.

  • A study released in 2018 showed that 56% of people who entered their 50s with stable employment were pushed out or laid off, and only 10% ever recouped financially.
  • Experiencing ageism affects our physical and mental health, and even our memory.
  • Ageism costs the United States $63 billion in annual health care costs
  • An AARP study found that workplace age discrimination costs the U.S. economy $850 billion annually.

On the other hand, positive attitudes about aging can lead to improved health and increased lifespan.  And our communities benefit when everyone is welcomed. But that can be challenging when we are surrounded by negative images and language in the media, in the workplace, and in our own minds.

So that's why we're trying to change the narrative about aging and to increase awareness of ageism. There are lots of ways to get involved.

1. Change our own language

2. Share information on social media that shows older adults in a positive light, that talks about the benefits of intergenerational workplaces, and that demonstrates that ageism is a serious problem that needs to be addressed (check out Changing the Narrative's Facebook page and share the posts).

3. Attend trainings (in-person or online) on reframing aging, which teaches evidence-based language that is demonstrated to shift public opinion in a positive direction.

4. Host a virtual community and/or intergenerational conversation. We've developed a toolkit with invitations, questions and everything you need to get people talking about ageism and what we can do about it.

5. Become part of a speakers bureau. Are you someone who likes to present? We've developed short presentations that you can deliver to organizations in your community.

6. Write letters to the editor. Do you see stories in the media that infuriate you because of the way they depict all of us as we age? Write letters. Write op-ed pieces. We have some tools that can help you do that.

7. Contact your elected officials and policymakers to let them know about ageism, and/or testify before the legislature.

8. Share your story with the media.

9. Send Anti-Ageist birthday cards. We commissioned Colorado artists to design cards that celebrate instead of denigrate aging. You can see them here.

10. Other. Do you have some other ideas of how you can use your strengths and talents? Let us know.

Become part of the movement to end it by filling out the form to the right, and letting us know how you'd like to get involved! We'll be in touch!