Join the Movement at COP26!

Green New Deal Rising activists getting ready to take action

Join us in Glasgow at COP for the first Green New Deal Rising National Gathering.

We know the climate crisis can’t be fixed at a two week summit, but the November COP Summit in Glasgow is a perfect moment for us to come together, meet each other in person and take action.

The real work happens when the summit is over, making sure that governments in the global north decarbonise as fast as possible, and don’t break their commitments.

But to do that we need to build a movement strong enough to force our political leaders to step up to take decisive climate action, or step aside for someone who will. That’s why we’re all going to Glasgow in November, and we want you to come with us!

We'll be there from the 1st-12th November, with (provisionally) space for people to stay for the full two weeks, or any period of time within those two weeks. But we're expecting most people to just come for the middle weekend - the 5th-7th November.

We will provide:

  • Free accommodation *

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Support with travel costs to anyone who needs them

Accommodation is first come first served, so sign up now to let us know you’re interested - even if you’re not sure if you can make it yet, fill out the form to get your name on the list!

UPDATE 04/10/21: We've had lots more interest in this than there are spaces available, and we want to make sure there is space for under-represented groups to attend, as well as for people who have been organising with us for a while. For that reason we'll soon be sending out application forms to everyone who registers their interest through this form - so you'll need to register here, then fill out the full application form to apply for your space.

*Accommodation will be very basic (think a big sleepover in a warehouse!) but sleeping kit is available for everyone who needs it, and we can provide alternative arrangements for anyone with accessibility needs.