Join the National DSA Queer Socialists Working Group

The only way we will take on the capitalist class is if queer socialists and their comrades show up for one another, and join together in the fight for a truly free society — free of discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race/ethnicity, citizenship, religion, or HIV status.

We would like to invite all members of DSA who identify as queer to join the national Queer Socialists Working Group (QSWG).

The goals of the Queer Socialists Working Group are:
1. Develop perspectives on queer oppression/resistance and class struggle through collective political education.
2. Recruit queer people to DSA.
3. Connect queer comrades in discussion from DSA chapters across the United States.

The QSWG meets once every two months via video conference to discuss group readings, and maintains an email discussion group for discussing topics of interest to queer DSA members.

You must be a DSA member to participate. When signing up, please use the email address that is connected to your membership. If you have yet to join or you need to renew your dues, you can sign up here.