Join the picket line to support Oakland teachers, students, and parents!


Priority Schools (map here):

Carl B. Munck (11900 Campus Drive)

RISE Academy (East Oakland - 8521 A Street)

Encompass (East Oakland - 1025 81st Avenue)

Madison Park Academy Lower (400 Capistrano Drive)

Ralph J Bunche High School (West Oakland - 1240 18th Street)

Howard Elementary (East Oakland - 8755 Fontaine Street)

Prescott Elementary (West Oakland - 920 Campbell Street)

McClymonds High School (Off San Pablo and 27th - 2608 Myrtle Street)

Hoover Elementary (Off San Pablo & 33rd St - 890 Brockhurst Street)

Piedmont Elementary (Piedmont - 4314 Piedmont Avenue)

Downtown Admin Building (Downtown - 1000 Broadway)

Lakeview Admin Building (Lake Merritt - 746 Grand Ave)

Bella Vista (Lake Merritt - 1025 East 28th Street)

Fruitvale Elementary (Lower Dimond - 3200 Boston Avenue)

Burckhalter Elementary (North East Oakland - 3994 Burckhalter Avenue)

Parker Elementary (East Oakland - 7929 Ney Avenue)

Sojourner Truth/Rusdale Continuation (East Oakland - 8251 Fontaine Street)

Oakland SOL (East Oakland - 1180 70th Avenue)

Markham (East Oakland - 7220 Krause Avenue)

United Nations CDC (Lake Merritt - 1025 4th Ave)

Frick (East Oakland - 2845 64th Avenue)

Alliance (East Oakland - 1800 98th Avenue)

Oakland Unified School District is filled with overcrowded classrooms, unsafe caseloads for support staff, and underpaid educators. Meanwhile OUSD is spending far more than comparable school districts on administration and consultants. They've got their priorities backwards. Oakland students deserve better, and teachers are ready to fight to change these realities! They are prepared to strike for the schools that Oakland students deserve.

Oakland educators are fighting for smaller class sizes, more support for students, and a living wage for teachers. And we can make a HUGE difference by showing that the community has their back. The more of us join the picket line and show OUSD that we will fight alongside our teachers for the public school system that ALL students deserve, the sooner we can win these demands and end the strike.

There will be picket lines at all 86 school sites, and they will need folks to join them at all times of day. Picketing is fun, inspiring, and incredibly important (totally fine if you've never done it before!). Let us know when/where you are available to join the picket line, and we will connect you and make sure you have what you need. Or if you want to support the strike in other ways, you can fill out Oakland Education Association's general volunteer form here (and find out more about the strike here).

(P.S: if you're an educator at a school outside of OUSD and would like to 'adopt' a striking school, sign up here / if you represent a group or org that would like to be picket partners with a specific school, sign up here)

(P.P.S. Donate to Bread for Ed to help feed students and teachers during the strike!)

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