Join the Seattle housing movement!

We’re taking on the housing crisis in the Seattle region. Join us as we bring together those who are calling for abundant, climate-friendly, inclusive homes in their communities.

We are growing a network of diverse voices who advocate for a greater variety of home options. In this city of neighborhoods, we want access to high-quality, affordable homes that work for people of all ages, family types, and abilities, in every neighborhood. We are fighting to bring more amenities and services nearby our homes.

Our current development pattern is broken. Most types of homes are illegal to build today. Lacking vibrancy and growth, we stagnate. It is past time to demand real change, not more of the same!

We must address the historic injustices that have excluded so many of us from the opportunities available in our beautiful city. Through our shared power we are speaking up to end exclusionary zoning, bring amenities to our neighborhoods, increase funding for affordable housing, and protect our wild lands. This is just the beginning!

We expect our leaders to follow the will of the majority of Seattle residents who want to see more homes everywhere. We need to send a clear message to our leaders in cities and counties across the metro area that we expect real solutions -- and we’re watching them, to make sure they follow through.

And we need all hands on deck! Join us in saying YES to growing a better Seattle together.

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