Join the #TeamJoAnn Small Donor Drive

Our goal over the next month is to #MaxtheMatch by raising 1,200 donations of up to $250, hitting this goal by the end of June will give us more time to work on voter outreach as election day approaches. Since we are participating in Small Donor Elections, the first $20 from Portland residents will be matched 9-to-1, meaning $20 dollars becomes $200.

To help us reach this goal, we are recruiting 30 volunteers from #TeamJoAnn to run a small donor drive, reaching out to friends, family, and colleagues in Portland to raise $200 in matchable contributions. If you collect ten $20 contributions, that means $2,000 for the campaign.

There will be a Kickoff event at 6pm on June 16th, RSVP for zoom information (we will record the kickoff for anyone who cannot attend.

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