Join the Writers Guild of America, East Activist List

Join the Guild’s Activist List

The Writers Guild of America, East is an activist organization. We are deeply engaged in work that builds power for creative professionals through our organizing campaigns, legislative actions, and other areas where we can improve our members’ lives.

But we can’t do it alone—just like the collective voices and strength of Guild members enables us to make important achievements in contract negotiations and advocating in the workplace, the Guild can’t succeed in our activism and advocacy unless our members join us in our work.

Members of the Activist List will receive emails asking them to take part in union actions – ranging from signing petitions to sharing their support for Guild campaigns on social media to attending marches, rallies and events.

Being a part of our activist list gives members and allies the opportunity to join their Guild in efforts to organize more sectors of the entertainment industry, like nonfiction television and digital news, and—more broadly—to join us in fighting for a more diverse, inclusive and just industry.

We won't share your information with third parties.

Here's how we use the information you provide here:

  • ZIP Code: Occasionally, we will send calls to action asking activists to write to their local, state, or national elected officials. We use ZIP codes to narrow our requests to members in certain geographical locations, when necessary, or to determine to which elected official your action will be sent.
  • Cell Phone (optional): If there is an urgent action, or if we are doing outreach on an issue, we may send you a text message to update you on the issue and/or to ask for your support.
  • Twitter Handle (optional): If you're on Twitter, we may ask you to show your support for an organizing campaign or share your experience with an issue using a specific hashtag.