Join Young Majors NYCC

This Fall Cycling Training Program will change your life.

WHAT: 6 week road cycle experience focused on safety, training, performance, fitness, and fun

WHO: All young people 14 - 17 are welcome to apply. We have a special focus to develop Black, Latinx, and Asian boys and girls.

WHY: Our goal is to spread our love of cycling as a transformative lifestyle. Our focus is to share the wonders and excitement of road cycling to young people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to learn about the sport.

WHEN: Saturdays (rain date, Sundays)October 1 to November 5, 2022

WHERE: Start at New York City park (Central Park, Prospect Park, Randall’s Island) with routes throughout the Tri-State area.

Requirements: All you need is an open mind and a willingness to try something new.

  • A range of physical fitness is acceptable, must be able to ride a bike and sustain moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes at a time.

  • Road bike a plus (bike and other equipment available upon request).  

Cost: $30.00 (includes the training program, membership in both MTIR and NYCC, insurance, transportation, and ride meals). Grants available to cover fee.

Serious Training. Incredible Experience. A Real Adventure.

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