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If you are in one of the 61% of US households that own 60% of the US stock market, or have a pension, mutual fund, Unit Trust, ETF, an ISA in the UK, a 'Super' in Australia then you are denied your vote!

Globally, through our collective investments, we own $40 trillion worth of shares in the companies that dominate our planet .

In companies from Apple to Amazon, Zendesk to Zoom your voice is ignored as grey men in grey suits make grey decisions on your behalf - or sell your votes to hedge funds.

We believe, when it comes to judgements about what is ethical, about what matters to you, then the voting power belongs to those who bear the investment risk - you.

You should be able to support the issues that matter to you, and if people with enough shares agree with you, then that issue you should be voted on through a legally binding resolution at a general meeting.

The law for this already exists, but currently you are denied the right to vote on issues relating to climate change, plastic in the oceans, diversity, or whatever matters to you (it is no more our job than it is the Asset Mangers to tell you what issues are important to you).

Saving for the future shouldn't cost the earth

And with Citizen Shareholders it won't.

You shouldn't need to move your money from where it is, you just need your Asset Manager to trust you enough to make ethical decisions for yourself.

The Citizen Shareholders platform will let you support proposed company resolutions so that they trigger minority shareholder rights by voting all your shares in one place irrespective of which asset managers you use or which pension(s) you are in.

Over the long-term, companies that adopt sustainable strategies outperforming those that don't.

So if you are saving for the long-term, for your retirement, your kids college fees join us to get a HEALTHIER NEST EGG and a HEALTHIER WORLD.

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Thank you!