Demand justice for Claudia and Children

Claudia Gonzalez was shot & murdered by US Border Patrol on Wednesday, May 23rd.

ICE & CPB agents are committing abominable violence against immigrant children. Hundreds of them are separated from their families and many more treated inhumanely.

Claudia came to this country to find a better life, and instead she was met with the violence instigated by the Trump administration and Members of Congress!

We must demand accountability before any more lives are lost. Members of Congress must defund ICE and CBP to stop the violence against families!

Commit to calling and showing up for Claudia Gonzalez, and for all our families.

Congress is considering increasing funds to ICE & CBP— the same agencies responsible for the death of Claudia. We can’t allow these agencies the ability to continue doing infringing on our human rights

Sign up to make a call this week to your members of Congress now:

We will email you with a phone number to your member of Congress, a sample script and the resources necessary to learn more about the policies that have, and could continue, to enable more injustices like these.

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