Last Friday Movie Nights


Last Friday Movie Nights: Basic Income Movie Watch party and discussion with the community.

Held on the last Friday of the Month at 4pmPT / 7pmET

Join Income Movement for some FUN COMMUNITY TIME!  

The films will be ones that directly or indirectly touch on economic justice. Films that may make us think of UBI and why we need it. Films that help inspire us, and help us find or explain our WHY. (Why we advocate for basic income?)

Following the Watch Party Income Movement we will facilitate a Community Discussion to explore and share our thoughts about the movie. This community time will give individuals an opportunity to examine together the deeper meanings or sub threads of the movie.

We hope you can join the conversations!

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Mark your calendar and join us next time on June 25th, 2021

Last Feature Film was Through the Night brought to you in partnership with POV at PBS: a documentary film about care work that follows three working mothers whose lives intersect at a 24-hour daycare center. This film is a love letter to childcare providers and single mothers and is a tender portrait of strength, love, and selflessness. It has been featured in the NY Times, Hollywood Reporter, and made Variety's 2021 Best Documentary Oscar Predictions list. Watch the trailer here.

Catch up here and watch the film for a limited time, till June 9th on PBS.

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