Let's Collect Our Cousins* (to Vote!)

President Trump - and his allies - cannot win at the ballot without selling a lie to white people. And that lie depends on our inaction and our silence.  

Black folks and other people of color have been calling for anti-racist white people to organize other white people for decades. Whether we answer that call in 2020 will have profound consequences for communities of color, poor and working class people of all races, immigrants, queer and trans people and so many others on the frontlines.

As anti-racist white people, we can make a different choice - we can defeat Trump and candidates like him up and down the ballot - we can redefine what it means to be an anti-racist white voter and we can create an enduring, multi-racial voting coalition that will not just redefine the outcome in November but that can become a powerful force to change our country. But to do so - we have to do the work of organizing our people - in short, collecting our cousins.

Anti-racist white people who commit to the ‘Collect Your Cousins’ Pledge make a commitment to:

  1. Vote for the Democratic nominee for President
  2. Vote for anti-racist candidates up and down the ballot and
  3. To persuade and mobilize our 'cousins' - in this case - that's 3 other white voters you know to do the same.  

We will send you updates with tools on how to engage in local and national elections as an anti-racist activist, as well as tools about how to "get your cousins" and engage with other white folks around antiracism.

Thank you for pledging to collect your cousins! Now, let's get to work!