Open Letter to South Carolina Governor & Legislature from South Carolinians

NOTE: If you do not have a South Carolina connection, please sign the petitions here and here. This action is specifically for people with South Carolina connections. Thank you.

As South Carolina moves toward resuming executions, a new organization has formed to stand up and say no to the death penalty. South Carolinians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty (SCADP) launched itself with a press conference at the statehouse on Wednesday, June 16th, which you may watch here. During the event, we released an initial open letter signed by hundreds of prominent South Carolinians calling on Governor McMaster to halt the executions, and calling on the General Assembly to repeal South Carolina's death penalty.

We are continuing to gather signers and we invite any person with a South Carolina connection to add their name to this open letter.

For delivery at an appropriate time if and when new execution dates are announced.

Text of the Letter:

To: Governor Henry McMaster and the South Carolina General Assembly

We, the undersigned South Carolinians, call on you to immediately halt all executions and to work to repeal capital punishment in the state of South Carolina as soon as possible.


Any person who identifies as South Carolinian may add their name to this letter. Those with prominence by virtue of title, rank, position, historic or other identification will be listed first, followed by all others who choose to add their names. Names will be listed alphabetically by last name.



PLEASE NOTE: If you identify as a South Carolinian, whether you live in the state or not, please sign the Open Letter to the Governor and the General Assembly. We have one week from right now to get as many people on this list as possible. Especially if you have a title or an association you can list that identifies you as having some sort of constituency or connection in the state, please use that.

As of 6pm on June 15th, more than 330 people had signed the open letter to the governor and the general assembly. Many have just listed their names. Among those who gave titles or affiliations are the following, listed alphabetically by last name.
  • Reverend Courtney Adams, Pastor, Christian Methodist Episcopal Church.
  • Elisabeth Armour, MBA
  • Kim Baker, Co-Chair, Indivisible Midlands
  • Deborah Billings, Adj Assoc Prof, Arnold School of Public Health
  • Ashlyn Brierre, Grand Strand Action Together
  • Rev. Robert T. Cannon, Co-pastor of St. Andrew's United Methodist Church
  • Rev. Carol R Cannon, Co-Pastor, St. Andrew’s United Methodist Church
  • Bishop Kenneth L. Carder, Retired, The United Methodist Church
  • Rabbi Jonathan Case, Congregation Beth Shalom
  • Pastor Fred Clarke, First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Charleston
  • Sam Coates, Associate Pastor
  • Dr. Stephen V. Cofer-Shabica, Education Chairperson.Charleston Branch NAACP
  • Barbara R Cole, MD
  • Antonio Colón-Román, Mackay Presbyterian Mission - Moderator
  • Elaine Cooper, 350Columbia
  • The Rev. Wiley B. Cooper, Retired Elder, SC Conference of the United Methodist Church
  • The Rev. Caitlyn Darnell
  • Cassie Davis, M.Ed.
  • The Rev. Charles M. Davis Ret.
  • Jennifer Dearing, LMSW
  • Pastor Thomas Dixon
  • Michael Dixon, Mosaic Church, Pastor
  • Rev. Dr. Melanie Dobson, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary of Lenoir-Rhyne University
  • Deondreke Douse, owner of Antisxciety Music.
  • Reverend Rebecca Drennan
  • Jotaka Eaddy - Founder and CEO, Full Circle Strategies; Former Student Body President - University of South Carolina
  • Jane Dreher Emerson, MSW
  • George Ferguson, MS, Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • Rev. James L Friday, Director of Congregational Development, SC Conference UMC, Columbia
  • Rev. Robyn Garrison
  • Grace Gifford, clerk Horry Friends Meeting
  • Rev. Dr. Nina D. Grey, Retired Parish Minister, Unitarian Universalist
  • Betty Gurnell, M.Ed.
  • Reverend Lu Harding, United Methodist Clergy
  • Rev. Merianna Harrelson, Pastor, Garden of Grace United Church of Christ
  • Rev. Dr. Blake Hart
  • Coordinator of the Fellowship of SC Bishops Public Education Initiative
  • Coordinator of the Fellowship of SC Bishops Public Education Initiative
  • Matt Hicks, 2nd Vice-Chair, South Carolina Libertarian Party
  • Dr. Carolyn Hudson
  • Rev. Wendy Hudson, Lead Pastor, Two Rivers United Methodist Church
  • Janet G. Hudson, Ph.D. ACC
  • Tiffany James, President of National Action Network of Columbia
  • Rev. David Clark Johnson, Retired, United Methodist Minister
  • Amy Jonason, Ph.D.
  • Ron Kaz, State Death Penalty Abolition Coordinator, Amnesty International USA
  • Virginia Kennedy-Blume, R.N.
  • Rev'd Dr. Robert Marsden Knight, Charleston Pastoral Counselor
  • Rev. John M. Kraps
  • Rev. John Kronz
  • Bruce La Fleur, LMSW
  • Michael H. Lifsey, Attorney at Law
  • Julie Lumpkin, MSPH
  • The Rev. Canon Patricia Malanuk, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
  • Dr. William McCorkle
  • Sharon McLeod, LPC
  • Galen S. McWilliams, LMSW retired
  • Lucia McWilliams, CPA, MBA
  • Dr. Katherine Wyly Mille, Retired Educator
  • Rev. Emily Miller
  • Colin Miller, Professor, University of South Carolina School of Law
  • Rev. Dr. Regina H. Moore, Executive Minister, South Carolina Christian Action Council
  • Mrs. Lynn Newsom, Clerk, Palmetto Friends Gathering and Bluffton Friends Meeting
  • David Oliver, MD, physician anesthesiologist; former clerk of Columbia Friends Meeting
  • Rev. Bryan Pigford, Stallsville United Methodist Church
  • Donna Privette, MSW
  • Michael Rademacher, MBA
  • Rev. Dr. Keith Ray, Protestant clergy
  • Keren M Riegel, Ed.S.
  • Rev. Sharon Risher, New Emmanuel UCC Church; member and volunteer MOMS Demand Action; Spokesperson Everytown Survior Network; Spokesperson for Death Penalty Action
  • Rev. Jennifer McClung Rygg, Pastor, First Baptist Church of Pendleton, SC
  • Dr. Matthew Saltzman, Clemson University
  • Dr. Paul C. Schleifer
  • Rev. Jennifer Shimota, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary of Lenoir Rhyne University
  • The Reverend Brooklynn Smith, Presbyterian Church (USA)
  • Rev. Mary Cameron Smith
  • Brian Stellwag, J.D.
  • Rev. Kelly Strum
  • David R. Taylor, Director, Momentum Bike Clubs
  • Rev. Hillary Taylor
  • Sean R. Thornton, Chair SCLP
  • Carolyn Townes OFS, National Animator of Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation of the US Secular Franciscan Order
  • Bruce Tyndall, Circular Congregational church
  • Rev. Tyler Ung, The United Church of Christ, Circular Congregational Church, Associate Minister
  • Bishop W. Andrew Waldo, The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina
  • Timothy West, M.D.
  • Dr. Kristin Wise, Circular Congregational Church, Vice President
  • Rev. Chad Wright Pittman, PC(USA)

We are inviting for business owners, community leaders, sports team members, faith leaders, entertainers, political people, law enforcement people, academics, etc... Who do YOU know who should be invited to sign on?



URGENT: Visit to sign the Open Letter to Governor McMaster & the SC General Assembly:

The language is very simple: We, the undersigned South Carolinians, call on you to immediately halt all executions and to work to repeal capital punishment in the state of South Carolina as soon as possible.

This is the initiative of a new effort in our state which I have joined, South Carolinians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. As you may know, the General Assembly just added the firing squad as a possible method of execution and the state plans to force prisoners to choose between the electric chair or firing squad at some point in the near future. (Electrocutions were scheduled for June 18 and June 25th, but these were halted while the state assembles its firing squad protocol.) This is URGENT!

Thank you,


There is much we can do. Now is the time. Do *something*.

Thank you,

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