Join us! Lake Michigan Credit Union Workers Alliance

Join the Lake Michigan Credit Union Workers Alliance
On January 6, 2023, South Division branch workers at Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) in Wyoming, MI voted in favor of forming a union with the Communications Workers of America (CWA)! With our new union and voice on the job, we are looking to improve working conditions, transparency and communication at our branch.

February 23, 2023, workers at the LMCU Bonita Beach branch in Bonita Springs, Florida filed for what will soon be our second union election. Workers across LMCU are united by a common desire to make our branches better. As more and more workers join our union, we will have a bigger say in the decisions that affect our work.

Let’s keep the momentum growing! We invite all of our LMCU co-workers to join us in our effort to make LMCU a better and more fair place to work. Please fill out this contact form so we can connect and talk through the steps to organizing your branch.

Please do not fill out this form if you are not employed with LMCU. If you are an ally who does not work at LMCU, fill out this support petition instead.

“What we wanted was to ensure a strong relationship between our members, our colleagues, and LMCU branch leadership. Now, with a seat at the table, we are able to achieve exactly that. With a union, we can work directly with upper management to address the longstanding issues that we’ve had in our branch, so that we can better serve our customers and our community. This is not just a win for us. It’s a win for workers at other LMCU branches, banks, and financial services institutions who are looking to form a union in 2023. - Ivan Diaz, Member Service Representative at LMCU’s South Division branch

“As one of the most under-staffed branches in the entire credit union, we feel underappreciated and undercompensated. Our branch is consistently left with only two people to cover the responsibilities of a full team. On top of that, LMCU has not provided us with sufficient training to properly cover every role at the branch, making it difficult for us to service our customers at the level they deserve. Forming a union will allow us current workers and future hires to negotiate for better training and fair working conditions without fear of retaliation.- Olga Valdez, member services representative at LMCU’s Bonita Beach branch

“We’ve worked hard to join together to form this union, so that we can create a work environment at LMCU that reflects and respects the hard work we do for our customers. With a voice on the job, we are able to speak up on the issues that would have otherwise been neglected. It is exciting to see the ripple effect of bank workers across the country who are fighting for the same thing, and we are incredibly proud to be a part of this movement.- Anaisa Sanchez, Teller at LMCU’s South Division branch

“We are not forming a union to take a stand against LMCU; we are forming this union to get back to LMCU’s roots. LMCU was founded to support the financial security and the overall wellbeing of the local community. A union would allow us to honor this legacy and apply it to the needs of our community here in Southwest Florida. We are unionizing to give us a seat at the table to negotiate better working conditions and to ensure we can do our very best to serve our members at the Bonita Beach branch.” - Kam Pierre, Head Teller at LMCU’s Bonita Beach Branch