Support Your Local Climate Strike - September 20 to 27, 2019

Between September 20 to 27, youth and their supporters across the globe will be striking to demand swift, effective solutions to our shared climate crisis. Both the facts about the breakdown of our climate and the solutions are well-documented. What we need is political will to enact them to save communities, to invest in an already growing sustainable economy, to create a thriving planet.

As a local business your space is a hub of interaction. Hundreds of passersby, both on the street and online, see you everyday. By displaying, both online and offline, your support for the Climate Strikes, you have the power to bring attention to the climate crisis and to climate action.

After pledging your support, you will be directed to resources for bringing awareness to the climate strikes via printed display and online images or widgets. We will also include you in a list of businesses supporting Action Week's strikes. Will your business support local youth during climate action week?

Form by
Myrtle Millares
Toronto, Canada