LOG YOUR CALL: Don't spend $25 million on a second primary. Move the primary back.

The Ohio Redistricting Commission and General Assembly have continued to adopt gerrymandered maps along party lines, despite the Ohio Supreme Court continuing to strike them down, thus dragging out the redistricting process months past when it should have been squared away.

Now it's too late to hold all our primary races on May 3. However, rather than pushing the primary back to a later date, Ohio's legislative leaders are insisting on holding TWO primaries—at an estimated extra cost of $20-25 million dollars.

This is outrageous, unnecessary, and will be extremely confusing for Ohio voters. There is no compelling reason why the General Assembly can't move the primary to a later date. Voters, candidates, and election officials will benefit from a single primary. Surely we can all think of better ways to spend $25 million taxpayer dollars.

Will you call your Ohio Representative and Senator to ask them to vote for ONE unified primary at a later date? You can find their phone number here.

Here’s an idea of what to say: A second primary for Ohio is wasteful, confusing, and completely unnecessary. I believe $25 million would be better spent on [your concern here: schools, healthcare, clean energy...]. Vote to push hold one primary at a later date. Ohio voters deserve no less.

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