LOG YOUR CALL: We need to protect Ohioans' freedom to vote, not put up barriers to the ballot box

You and I must take immediate action to stop a new trojan horse voting bill in its tracks -- a bill that, if passed, would roll back many of the same voting accommodations that helped record numbers of Ohioans cast a ballot last year.

House Bill 294 would unfairly create new barriers for Ohioans who want to exercise their freedom to vote, including by reducing access to secure, efficient ballot drop boxes… adding needlessly strict ID requirements for absentee voting… making it harder for active-duty overseas/military voters to cast their ballots… and blocking Ohioans’ freedom to vote in the manner of their choice.

Will you call your lawmaker in the Ohio House and demand that they shut down these voter suppression efforts? You can find their phone number here.

Here’s an idea of what to say: “My name is [Your Name] and I live in [Your Town]. I believe that our democracy depends on all Ohioans having a voice, but that won’t be possible if our lawmakers attempt to roll back our right to vote this year by passing House Bill 294, and especially by restricting the use of ballot drop boxes. We need to protect Ohioans’ freedom to vote, not put up barriers to the ballot box. Please oppose this bill.”

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