Long Term Financial Sustainability

At the June 2016 Minnesota State (formerly MnSCU) Board of Trustees meeting, the board heard a report and set of recommendations from the Long Term Financial Sustainability work-group. While the work-group included representatives from all of the bargaining units, it is now clear that many of our voices were not heard.

If enacted, these recommendations would create a drastic turning point in higher education within our state by:

  1. Severely obstructing student access through limiting courses, closing programs, and potentially closing campuses.
  2. Gutting local faculty control of the curriculum.
  3. Undermining pay, job stability, and working conditions for all faculty.

Now is the time we need to come together and stand up for the values that we have fought so long to protect. Will you defend accessible, quality public higher education?

Minnesota has always valued access and opportunity for students through supporting a public higher education system that has:

  • Provided an affordable, accessible extraordinary higher education for ALL Minnesotans.
  • Recognized the economic and cultural vitality that ALL our campuses contribute to their communities and the state.
  • Respected the central role of a permanent, professional faculty in providing a rigorous and relevant curriculum.

Will you protect the good work you and your colleagues have accomplished over the years?

As the leaders of MSCF, we are prepared to work tirelessly protecting student access and faculty rights and working conditions, nevertheless this fight is ALL of ours. Are you in? Can you join us and take action?  Add your name below to the list of MSCF faculty ready to take action in support of our students, our colleagues, our campuses, and our communities.

In solidarity,

MSCF Executive Committee

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