Male Educators of Color Early Career Learning Lab


The Mississippi Association of Educators and the National Education Association are committed to engaging and supporting educators as early as possible to stem the tide of departures and create a strong and sustainable teaching force. Long-term solutions are needed to keep educators in the profession by improving working conditions, increasing preparation and mentoring, and providing adequate resources that will enable them to do their jobs.

While Mississippi experiences teacher shortages throughout the state, this particular program is designed to engage, nurture, and retain male early career educators of color within the state.

The ECLL is a collaboration between the Mississippi  Association of Educators and the National Education Association to support future leaders of our profession as educators strive to positively impact our students. This opportunity is a hybrid of in-person and virtual support.  

The first in-person meeting will be held on Saturday, December 1st with a reception being held on the evening of November 30th.

There are limited slots available, so please sign-up now if you are interested in participating in this amazing opportunity.