Medicare Advantage means seniors pay more for worse care

When seniors enroll in Medicare, they have a choice: They can enroll in traditional Medicare, the government-run single-payer system established in 1965, or a privatized offshoot called Medicare Advantage.

After nearly 20 years of this choice, the data is finally in: The only ones advantaged under Medicare Advantage are private health insurance corporations, which pad their pockets with taxpayer dollars while providing worse service at higher costs.

So why do people choose Medicare Advantage over traditional Medicare? MA plans can offer services like dental, hearing, and vision that traditional Medicare doesn’t, which can make it seem simpler. And sometimes the monthly premium will be lower, making it appear cheaper.

These are the same tricks that make private, for-profit insurance corporations so miserable for people under 65―lower premiums and splashy benefits on the front end, but high deductibles, endless out-of-pocket fees, and denials of care on the other end.

Today, Congress is holding a hearing on the recent government report that found that Medicare Advantage costs Medicare more to deliver worse service. We’re looking for information about people’s experiences with Medicare Advantage plans now.

Can you sign to tell Congress to expand traditional Medicare and end Medicare privatization?