Melbourne Autumn Rebellion


Starting on Monday 22nd March 2021, Extinction Rebellion Victoria will be disrupting Melbourne as part of a coordinated national Rebellion in all state capitals. This is a critical act of non-violent civil disobedience, to disrupt business as usual, and draw attention to the climate and ecological emergency we are facing and that the government is ignoring - endangering the lives of all of us, and all future generations of life.

Please fill out this form so we know when you are coming and how you are able to be involved. This is a do-it-together movement, it is through our collective actions that we are powerful.

This is the time to act. Our voices and actions will be amplified by the simultaneous actions throughout the country over this period of national rebellion. This is not to be missed out on. This is how we will save our future. Clear your schedule, book out the week in the calendar. One day you will proudly proclaim "I was there"

About the week:

We will be occupying Carlton Gardens from Monday 22nd March till Sunday Sunday 28th. That's right, seven days of camping in the city. We will have a full COVID plan and will keep each other safe in this converging crisis.

Various affinity groups are planning actions throughout the week. There will be roles for everyone who attends, whether able to risk arrest or just dance the disco-bedience. Some actions are pre-planned by affinity groups, whilst some will take place more spontaneously.

How can you contribute?

Extinction Rebellion is a de-centralised movement and we encourage everyone to take an active role to help make this movement a success. There will be roles to be filled at Camp Carlton as well as at the actions. By filling in this form, we can make the week as powerful as possible.

Please sign up with this form so we know how many numbers we can expect and help fill required teams to make the rebellion successful. Make sure all fellow rebels have filled this form out as well

Role descriptions:

  • Camp Crew: Helping out with camp logistics and vibes, including food, water, security, etc.
  • Welcome tent: Be part of the team welcoming people to the rebellion as they come to Camp
  • Marshall: Helping people find what's going
  • Regen/Wellness: Taking care of rebels with food, water, psychological and spiritual support, etc.
  • Legal: Legal observers and support with legal briefings, etc.
  • Arrestee Support: Monitor individuals who are arrested, meet arrestee’s when they’re released with cheers, etc.
  • Peacekeeper: De-escalate tension with public and police
  • Logistics: Visioning/planning infrastructure for the rebellion week.
  • Media: Document and share the event, livestreams, work with outreach to communicate to public and media (before, during and after event), etc.
  • Outreach: Communicate and engage with public.
  • Rebel Rouser: Help create an amazing atmosphere, show the world that this very serious Rebellion is also about love and fun and music.
  • Other: You tell us!

Extinction Rebellion is a Do it Together movement. Extinction Rebellion is us and Extinction Rebellion is you. The success of this event relies on all of us. We cannot afford to lose.

We acknowledge that we live, work and resist on stolen land. We pay much respect to the Elders past, present and emerging. We commit to connecting to this land, healing it, and honouring its history with truth telling.