Michigan Counts, And So Do You


NOTE: The 2020 Census is now live! Click here to complete your household form.

Census 2020 is coming soon, and it’s a chance to get funding and political power for our communities.

Census numbers determine funding to local community resources and programs, like health care, housing, child education, infrastructure, public transportation, and more. Census data also informs redistricting and political apportionment: political representation in our communities is dependent on it.

The census is a complete count of every single person in the U.S., regardless of immigration status, housing status, or age. Unfortunately, Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color are historically undercounted, along with children, TLGBQIA+ people, immigrants, poor people, people experiencing homelessness, and more.

Census 2020 is critical. It is central to civic representation and increasing material support to people who need it. Make sure you complete the census for yourself and everyone in your household, and encourage your neighborhood to do the same.