Midterms Canvassing Sign Up

All year round, we're organizing for a world where everyone is valued and we have what we need to survive and thrive. From housing, food, education, healthcare, and a clean environment to bodily autonomy and freedom from discrimination. On the national and state level we need bold policies to ensure our government works to take care of people and planet first.

In Washington DC and Harrisburg we see mega corporations and the super wealthy influencing legislation and policy to stop meaningful change. We also see the dangerous reactionary talking points and policies from far right candidates and politicians who target our most vulnerable communities and work to strip us of our rights and disenfranchise voters.

On November 8th, Pennsylvania will vote for a slate of candidates including Governor and US Senate. These races are critical to our future. In the past 8 years, PA state legislature has passed hundreds of far right bills that would be the law of the land in Pennsylvania without Governor Wolf's veto. These bills would have stripped us of reproductive rights, lgbtq rights, labor rights and furthered the environmental extraction taking place in PA.

We're committed to showing up in the streets and at the ballot box to fight for the world we need. We can't lose ground in PA or DC. We know that with investment, Philly will show up to vote and our canvassing can make a real impact.

Join us and sign up for a canvassing shift in your neighborhood today!

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