Moms Against Vaping

Moms against Vaping is a coalition of individuals, grassroots groups and community organizations to help parents and students fight against Big Tobacco and protect our kids from nicotine addiction.

In Livermore 3 moms started to fight against youth vaping epidemic in 2018 and founded Flavors Addicts Kids Livermore. They educated the community, and with Granada High School TUPE (tobacco use prevention education program) Peer Educators. In June 2019 they won the ordinance to establish 1) Tobacco Retail License, 2) No new tobacco retailers within 1000 ft of youth area, 3) Ban of flavored tobacco products and 4) Moratorium for e-cigarette devices till FDA approval.

Tobacco industry immediately started to collect signatures to overturn the ordinance. The Big Tobacco is determine to create next generation of lifetime customers by hooking kids with flavored products.

Join us in educating our communities of Big Tobacco's predatory marketing plots on youth and prevent our kids to become nicotine addicts.
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