Movement Commons' Development Staff Dialogue Interest Form

Thank you for your interest in Movement Commons' Development Staff Dialogues. We look forward to notifying you about the next opportunity to participate in this shared experience and join our community.

More about our Development Staff Dialogues

Piloted at GIFT’s 2018 Money for Our Movements Conference, Movements Commons' Development Staff Dialogues are bringing together development and fundraising staff translocally throughout the country.

These Dialogues provide a dedicated space to:

  • consider and assess our role, individually, organizationally and collectively, within local ecosystems and across social movements, in this new era of hyper connectedness;

  • discuss how we might build and grow a transformative framework for development strategies and practices;

  • and, explore possibilities for both a national collaborative campaign led by development staff and for ongoing local development staff communities of practice and learning.

The first Dialogue took place in Oakland, CA, co-hosted by Bay Rising; the second in Seattle, WA, co-hosted by Social Justice Fund Northwest; the third in NYC, NY, co-hosted by Hand in Hand and North Star Fund; the fourth in Washington, DC, co-hosted by Faith in Action; the fifth in Seattle for a second dialogue there; the sixth in Portland, OR, co-hosted by Forward Together and Social Justice Fund Northwest; the seventh in the Twin Cities, Minnesota; the eighth in Philadelphia, PA, co-hosted by Right to the City; the ninth with the California Environmental Justice Alliance in Los Angeles; and the tenth and eleventh virtually with the Oregon Food Bank and Mother Jones, respectively.

To date, we've had over 140 people participate representing over 80 organizations. We look forward to welcoming you individually and collectively to our growing community, now connected nationally via our online community.  

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