My Pledge to Support the Declare Emergency Campaign:

Declare Emergency Campaign

Campaign supporters are not apologetic in shouting out that our amazing world will soon - by the time someone born today reaches their twenties - be living with mass migration, social collapse, starvation, disease, war and death of magnitudes never before experienced in our existence. This is the misery children born today will be living.

And yet, our government continues to lead us ever closer to the edge of no-return as they cradle the interests of the fossil fuel industry, feeding it our lives and ultimately our extinction. We must stand up and defend ourselves.
"There's no such thing as an opponent that is monolithic. And there's no such thing as an opponent that has total control over the population all the time. Instead, opponents rely on basically everybody in the society to just go along with things, and that when people actually stopped cooperating, and stopped going along, and stop thinking that it's in their own best interest to just play along with the power holder, that's when you start seeing these openings where dramatic transformations can take place."  ~ Erica Chenoweth, Frank Stanton Professor of the First Amendment at Harvard Kennedy School about their new book, "Civil Resistance: What everyone needs to Know".

Our truth and our methods need to be transgressive, and they must be nonviolent. By coming together, we are stronger and much more effective in defending our families and our communities from the criminal inaction of our government. Our actions are evidence based, creditable and we have a plan. The only thing missing is … YOU!

By filling this out, I am pledging to serve the campaign in strict nonviolence discipline.

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