Nobody Comes for Philly: Take the Pledge to Count Every Vote

Over the last few weeks there has been intense pressure on the people of our state and our city to scare us and our loved ones from the ballot box. In a bold attempt at further voter suppression, it’s been argued that our votes this year are fraudulent and shouldn't be counted, that ballot boxes shouldn’t be accessible, and that bad things are happening here in Philly.

But is Philly going to let anyone swoop in here and stop our votes? Hell no.

Nobody knows how to rise up and take care of each other like the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection.

When the pandemic hit home, we fought for workers’ jobs, helped each other apply for unemployment, stopped evictions, set up funds and relief for those in need, expanded paid sick leave for everyone, fed our neighbors and delivered PPE across the city.

When George Floyd was murdered by the police, tens of thousands of us took to the streets, and had some major victories: cutting a proposed $19 million police budget increase, and forcing the removal of both racist monuments and Managing Directors.

We know Philadelphia plays a crucial role in this unprecedented election - and we know that we will always defend our communities, city, and democracy in the face of voter intimidation and suppression. We take care of our own. We love this town - grit and pain, despair, hope and all:

We take this pledge for Black lives, Brown families, the workers who make our city run, for communities who have been here for generations and those new to our neighborhoods, and with deep love and Philly pride that no one in the White House will ever understand:

  • We will vote: by mail, at an early voting center, or in person on November 3rd.

  • We will not rest until our state counts every vote.

  • If elected officials try to defy the popular vote in Harrisburg, we pledge to participate in mass protest in the streets all the way to the Capitol until our votes are recognized;

  • If white supremacists try to block election officials from counting our mail in ballots, we pledge to participate in mass action to defend our votes and those of our neighbors;

  • If we see ANY dirty tricks or attempts at mass intimidation of voters, we pledge to participate in mass action;

  • If we see disinformation or misinformation, we pledge to check our sources to combat confusion and discord;

  • If we can’t directly participate because of age, disability or some other reason, we’re ready to help in other ways like making phone calls, texting our neighbors, delivering food to our community in the streets or hanging signs in our windows.

After you sign the pledge, you will get updates on what comes after November 3rd.

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