October Weekends of Action

Election Day is almost here and we need all the help we can get to make calls to as many voters as possible about why they must vote YES on State Question 805. Join us for one of our October Weekend of Action shifts to make a difference!

Please make sure you have access to a computer and reliable internet.

If you are not able to join right at the shift start time, an organizer will work with you to get trained when you are able to join. If you're already trained on how to use our tools, an organizer will share the most up to date list of calls to be made at the beginning of the call or when you join! As always, please plan to join us for as much time as you’re available.

If one of the regularly scheduled windows doesn’t work for you, be sure to select the “Schedule Different Time” shift option to work with an organizer to schedule a time to make calls any day between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

To sign up for a shift for the final weekend in October and the first weekend of November, visit our Get Out the Vote sign up!

Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Make Calls with Yes on 805

Send Texts with Yes on 805

Get out the Vote (October 31 - November 3)

Yes on 805 Volunteer Event Google Calendar

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