2020 Nonpartisan Ohio Voter Outreach Committee Sign-up

What is this?

The 2020 Nonpartisan Ohio Voter Outreach Committee is led by the Ohio Voter Rights Coalition, a coalition of nonpartisan statewide organizations which advocates for voting rights, election protection, informed voting, voter support and community empowerment. We are involved in much more than just registration!.

Participants in the Outreach Committee include faith communities, regional and statewide advocacy groups, the League of Women Voters, Ohio Votes, Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio/UU The Vote, the Ohio Poor People's Campaign, All Voting is Local, Ohio Organizing Collaborative and more. Our goal is to work together to be greater than the sum of our parts and minimize duplicative outreach efforts.

Steering Committee: Will "steer the ship" and decide on priority issues, statewide organizing, and centralizing/collaborating on the planning process whenever possible.

Time commitment for steering committee: Monthly calls through June, bi-weekly check-in calls July-Nov, regular email correspondence as needed.


Racial Equity: Communities of color, religious communities, and other minority status voters face additional barriers to voting beyond those of white, christian communities. Therefore, this subcommittee will work with these populations to ensure our outreach is inclusive and addresses the actual voting obstacles that these communities face.

Disability Vote: People with disabilities frequently settle for less-than-equitable treatment at the polls. This subcommittee will focus on voting barriers particular to the individuals with disabilities.

Transportation to the Polls: This subcommittee will focus on organizing around transportation to the polls, through both our Rides to the Polls program as well as by working with public transportation providers, nonprofits, and other organizations able to help get voters to the polls.

Disability-Transportation Joint Subcommittee: This will be members of both the disability vote and transportation to the polls groups. Recognizing the unique barriers to transportation facing the disability community, as well as the expertise required in both transportation planning as well as disability rights, this subcommittee will collaborate on our specific 2020 plan for disability transportation.

Good Government: Census 2020 is just as important for the future of Ohioans as this election. The Hard to Count communities are often the same communities as our low-propensity voters. Therefore, during our outreach we hope to kill two birds with one stone and forward key information about the census. This subcommittee will focus on strategizing around connecting the 2020 census to other voter outreach efforts.

Communications & Education: This subcommittee will focus on developing and distributing voter education material including educational videos, one page flyers, posters, handcards, and other material that will help voters get 501c3 compliant election resources. This will include elevating the importance of local elections, re-engaging constituencies activated by the 2020 election, promote pro-democracy reform, and fair districts and pro-voter policies.

Voter Registration: This subcommittee will focus specifically on voter registration organizing in Ohio.  This group will serve as the "hub" for events, trainings and programming happening around voter registration - including text banking, phone banking, how to conduct SAFE in-person registration events, Community Conversations, and more.

Voter Protection: This subcommittee will focus its efforts on poll monitoring, election protection hotline, and other key components of election protection for the 2020 election.

Time commitment for subcommittees: Frequency of meetings and check-ins will be at the discretion of the Subcommittee chairs.

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