ORMA Priority Working Groups Sign-up

Our members have spoken and we have established 5 top priorities (listed below) for the rest of 2020. To implement these priorities we need participation in Working Groups that will concentrate on each one.  Please use the form to the right to choose one or more groups you want to be a part of or to learn more about. Here are the 5 priorities:

Advocate for the Green New Deal

Work to Defeat Structural Racism

Advocate for and pass Medicare for All

Eliminate the influence of money in politics

2020 Elections (Local, State, and Federal)

Our monthly membership meeting on August 23rd will include breakout sessions to organize work on each priority and we hope you will join us to learn more.

You will be contacted by a member already engaged in each area, or by a representative of our Political Action and Civic Engagement committee to answer questions and help connect you with others interested in the same work.  We are mindful that many members already are involved in other organizations working on these same issues. ORMA feels strongly that often our most valuable work can be to lift up and amplify the work of allied organizations. If you are one of these folks we would especially value your participation in our working groups.