Overturn the FCC's Terrible Net Neutrality Vote

The decision by the FCC to dismantle net neutrality is a giveaway to telecom companies and large corporations that, if allowed to proceed, is likely to have detrimental effects on higher education. Net neutrality is rooted in the principles of fairness, and preserving it is essential for ensuring equitable access to online information, resources, and services. Without net neutrality, internet service providers will be free to slow down or block websites that do not serve their commercial interests. This could make it more difficult for faculty, students, and the public to access educational resources. We ask that Congress act on behalf of the vast majority of the American people who rely on a free and open internet. We must preserve the internet as space as a place where all ideas can be heard and where all people regardless of their age, race, and socioeconomic standing have access.

Therefore, we urge Congress to use a resolution of disapproval to overturn the FCC's vote to dismantle net neutrality rules.