Tell the Florida Legislature to Pass Republican Rep. Dana Trabulsy’s Bill to Limit Book Bans Now!

For years, Florida has led the extremist movement to remove books from school libraries and classrooms, claiming they’re protecting children from inappropriate content.

But when a biography of Beyoncé or Oprah Winfrey, books by Ta-Nehisi Coates or Amanda Gorman, or classics like the Color Purple and I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, are under attack, it's clear this isn't about "protecting kids." It's a full-blown assault on our intellectual freedom. And while books written by or about Black Americans and history are a clear focus, as well as books about the LGBTQ+ community, even dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the Bible aren't safe from Florida's book ban madness.

Finally, the tide is turning.

Florida Republican Representative Dana Trabulsy has introduced a bill aimed at reining in this rampant censorship. The legislation will allow school districts to assess a processing fee of $100 for each objection, after the first 5, to objections raised by a resident or parent whose student is not enrolled in the school where the book is located.

This measure is designed to deter baseless challenges and ensure that the decision to ban a book is not made lightly.

For example, extremist Vicki Baggett, who has worked closely with Moms For Liberty to target 193 books for removal across the state, would have faced $18,800 fees for her challenges.

Trabulsy’s legislation has already cleared two Republican-dominated committees, in a sign that even those who once supported book bans are recognizing the need to preserve academic freedom and diversity of thought.

It's time to end this extremist charade that's hijacking our schools and call on the Florida legislature to finish the job and make it law.

Demand the Florida legislature to pass Republican Rep. Dana Trabulsy’s bill to limit book bans by adding your name now!

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