Pass the Youth Voting Rights Act >>

For years, Republican lawmakers in states across the country have used their positions of authority to attack voting rights – not expand them.

Often, young people and people of color suffer the most from these restrictions, as polling stations close, ballots are tossed out for arcane rule violations, and hundreds of thousands of people are removed in voter purges.

In the absence of a red wave, firebrands are demanding a brand new slate of voting rights restrictions to “protect elections”...despite a lack of any evidence that their conspiracies are true. If they succeed, people like us will suffer in 2024.

That’s why it’s so important for us to pass Rep. Nikema Williams’ and Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Youth Voting Rights Act – which would finally bring the full legal weight of the 26th Amendment to power. Sign your name to support this landmark legislation >>

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In 2022, young voters turned out in larger numbers than ever before to support issues that mattered to them. Now, that makes those same folks a target of Republican efforts to suppress their votes – instead of trying to win them.

We’ve seen these types of laws and policies before, and they’ve helped build an environment where young voters' ballots are tossed out at disproportionate rates, where they face unreasonable hurdles to registration, and where young people are forced to wait in lines for hours just to cast their ballots.

That’s why I support the Youth Voting Rights Act, which would:

  • Enforce the 26th Amendment

  • Expand voter registration at colleges and universities

  • Allow voter pre-registration nationally

  • Mandate on-campus polling locations

  • Allow student ID’s to be used for voter-identification

  • Found a youth engagement organization for elections and empower them with data

Passing this landmark legislation would be a massive step forward in ensuring free and equal access to voting for all.