Sign-Up Form: PC-FLAC ‘24 (Pax Christi Florida Legislative Advocacy Campaign in 2024)

Pax Christi-Florida (PCF), a regional branch of the International Catholic Peace Movement, invites your participation in PC-FLAC’24 (PAX CHRISTI FLORIDA ADVOCACY CAMPAIGN IN 2024). We seek to bring an alternative faith-based voice to our Florida Legislators. We are open to all people of faith and/or goodwill who share our purposes. Membership in Pax Christi is not required.

Please sign-up today to stay informed about the issues, upcoming events, and opportunities for action. We respect the privacy of our members. We will not sell or share your contact information. Your contact information is important to our organizing efforts in local districts across Florida during the campaign.

Please pray with us that together we witness to the Peace of Christ in all our undertakings during the course of the campaign.

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