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Patient Care Associates at Wexner Hospital are joining together to form a strong, sustainable union that can stand up to our bosses and say, “We deserve better!” This is about giving ourselves the opportunity to sit down with management and negotiate over the issues that matter to us. Yes, it’s about better wages and benefits. But, more importantly, it’s about fairness and respect. It’s about securing the type of job that provides us a better life.

With a union, we’ll have:

·         Negotiated wages

·         Negotiated workplace policy

·         Transparency and fairness  

Without a union, our bosses dictate our working conditions and can change them on a whim any time they want.

*DUES: Dues are a regular payment from members that fund their union. They finance essential union operations like contract negotiations and enforcement, organizing, and member-driven programs. Your dues structure is set at $45.00 once a month, broken down into pay period installments: Example (4-week pay period = $11.25).

Dues are not required until this group has negotiated the benefits and receives the protections a union contract provides by voting to accept the first contract.

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