PETITION: Protect Our Reproductive Rights

The recent case challenging the FDA approval of Mifepristone has brought the issue of abortion rights to the forefront of our national conversation. Although the Supreme Court has temporarily protected the pill while the case proceeds, the threat to reproductive rights is more significant than ever before.

Many of these cases pushed by the GOP, including the Mifepristone case, rely on the antiquated and oppressive Comstock Act.

The Comstock Act, enacted over 150 years ago, was designed to ban multiple items related to reproductive health that many people see as quite ordinary today and has been dangerously left on the books. It is time for the national Democrats to rise to the occasion and tackle this issue head-on. To do so, the Comstock Act must be repealed immediately.

We are calling on Democrats in Congress to introduce a bill as soon as possible, force a vote, attach the repeal as an amendment to other bills, and engage in discussions with voters about the urgency of this matter.

It’s time for change: Tell Congress to immediately begin working to repeal the Comstock Act!

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