Physicians Demand Passage of American Rescue Plan

Dear Members of Congress,

As physicians committed to the care of our patients and the health of the communities we serve, we urge you to immediately pass the American Rescue Plan designed to mobilize our nation toward the eradication of the COVID pandemic, the protection of the families you represent and the eventual restoration of local economies across the United States.

From our perspective as medical professionals who see the pain and suffering that this pandemic has inflicted on people, we recognize the American Rescue Plan’s wide-ranging ability to help us prevent illness, reduce sickness and help our communities return to normal.

The American Rescue Plan correctly invests in a robust program to test and trace COVID-19 outbreaks quickly and effectively -- a program that can save many lives and could have protected people had the previous administration implemented it early in the pandemic nearly a year ago. The American Rescue Plan provides real resources to vaccinate Americans, in partnership with state, local and Tribal entities. Additionally, the proposal invests in tripling the public health workforce, by adding 100,000 workers, so we can better track the pandemic and support affected individuals and communities.

We further urge you to support the American Rescue Plan for its commitment to addressing health inequities and reduce disparities, which have disproportionately harmed Black, Latino/Hispanic, rural and other under-represented communities, during this pandemic and beyond. As medical professionals committed to caring for the wellbeing of our patients and our communities, we view ending these disparities in health access and outcome as essential to our nation’s progress so all Americans can live full lives and no one gets left behind because they can’t see a doctor or get regular care.

The American Rescue Plan provides resources to protect elderly populations in congregate settings. It invests in real protections for workers, especially essential workers who are mostly Black and Latino/Hispanic, so they can go to work safely and provide for their families with peace of mind.

As a response to the greatest public health challenge our nation and the world has faced in more than 100 years, the American Rescue Plan provides an evidence-based, data-driven strategic framework for eradicating this pandemic and better preparing our nation to face the next one. The plan puts resources into COVID-19 treatments and addressing emerging strains, while mobilizing our nation’s innovation, infrastructure, defense and other networks to protect the American people.

The stakes could not be higher, and the cost of inaction could not be more dire.

More than 430,000 of our fellow Americans have lost their lives in 12 months, or around 9,000 deaths a week, the equivalent of a 9/11 every third day. COVID-19 has sickened more than 25 million Americans, many of them now afflicted with long-term complications ranging from chronic fatigue to damaged lungs, hearts and brains. More than 10 million Americans have lost their jobs. Many face profound struggles, from eviction to health care access, that will harm their wellbeing. Too many workers still face the difficult choice of isolating themselves if they have COVID-19, or going to work sick because they can’t afford to lose a paycheck, which only threatens to spread the disease.

Like you, we hear all too often from our patients and their families that they want to return to normal. We want our children to be able to return to their classrooms for their academic and social development. We want local restaurants and other businesses to reopen safely so they can continue to serve customers and create and protect local jobs. We share these goals.

“Normal” can be achieved when we immediately and fully implement the American Rescue Plan. Delaying its passage will only prolong Americans’ pain and suffering. Please pass the American Rescue Plan without delay and help save lives.

Thank you,

Rob Davidson, MD & CTP Executive Director; Emergency Medicine (Spring Lake, MI)
Bernard Ashby, MD & CTP's FL State Lead; Cardiology (Miramar, FL)
Ean Bett, MD & CTP's OH State Lead; Family Medicine (Columbus, OH)
Max Cooper, MD & CTP's PA State Lead; Emergency Medicine (Nether Providence Township, PA)
Bayo Curry-Winchell, MD & CTP's NV State Lead; Family Practice (Reno, NV)
Robert Freedland, MD & CTP's WI State Lead; Ophthalmology (La Crosse, WI)
Christine Severance, DO & CTP's AZ State Lead; Family Medicine (Phoenix, AZ)
Seema Abbasi, MD; Pediatrics (Seattle, WA)
Lisa Abrams, MD; Pediatric Ophthalmology (Baltimore, MD)
Henry Abrons, MD, MPH; Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (Berkeley, CA)
Rob Adams, MD; Family Practice (Van Wert, OH)
Ramesh Adiraju, MD, FACC; Cardiology (Bristol, PA)
Samuel Agubosim, MD; Anesthesiologist (Holland, OH)
Rommaan Ahmad, DO; Physical Medicine & Rehab, Pain (Alexandria, VA)
Mohamed Ahmed, Md; Cardiology (Bullhead, AZ)
Masood Ahmed, MD; Pulmonary (Savannah, GA)
Kimberly Aiken, MD; Pediatrics (Dexter, MI)
Mohsen Akhlaghi, MD; Emergency Medicine (Jacksonville, FL)
Nasir Ali, M.D; Pulmonary Critical Care (Toledo, OH)
Imran Ali, MD; Neurology (Sylvania, OH)
Zaffar Ali, MD; Psychiatry (Richmond, VA)
Astrid Almodovar, MD MPA; Family Medicine (Cabo Rojo, PR)
Lynne Alper, MD; Internal Medicine (Orinda, CA)
Ivanya Alpert, MD; Pediatrics (New York, NY)
Antonio Alvarez, MD; Radiology (Danville, CA)
Maria Alvarez-Krizan, MD; Infectious diseases (Fort Myers, FL)
Tim Alward, M. D.; GP (Nashville, IN)
Roma Amin, MD; Family Medicine (Columbus, OH)
Robert R. Anderson, MD; Ophthalmology (Larkspur, CA)
Mark Anderson, MD; Internal Medicine (Westport, CT)
Robert Anderson, MD; Radiology (Titusville, FL)
Joanna Andujar, M.D.; Pediatrics (Chandler, AZ)
Melody Angel, MD; Family Practice (Lansing, MI)
Jeffrey Angeles, MD; Internal Medicine (Los Angeles, CA)
Louis B Antoine, MD; Psychiatrist (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Glenn Archibald, MD; Psychiatry (Birmingham, AL)
Maya Armstrong, MD; Family medicine (Santa Fe, NM)
Scott Arrowsmith, MD; Orthopedic Surgery (Peachtree City, GA)
William Arroyo, MD; Psychiatry (Los Angeles, CA)
Ron Aryel, M.D.; Pediatrics and Disaster Medicine (Reno, NV)
Rolando Ascarrunz, MD; Cardiology (Montgomery, TX)
Miriam Atkins, MD; Oncology (Augusta, GA)
Jennifer Atkins, MD; Pediatrics (Cheboygan, MI)
Barry Auster, MD; Dermatology (Farmington Hills, MI)
Susan Austin, MD; Radiology (Minneapolis, MN)
Leopold Avallone, MMD, FACR; Radiation Oncology (Pacific Palisades, CA)
Shadi Ayyas, MD; Internal Medicine (Purcellville, VA)
Allen Babcock, MD; Orthopedic Surgery (Utica, MI)
David Baer, MD; General Surgery (Englewood, CO)
David Baez, MD; I M (Aurora, CO)
Azita Bahrami, DO; Family Medicine/Geriatrics (Charlotte, NC)
William Baker, MD; Internal Medicine (Bakersfield, CA)
Katie Bakes, MD; Emergency Medicine (Morrison, CO)
William Bakken, MD; Family Medicine (Lancaster, PA)
May Banigo, MD; Anesthesiology (Palos Verdes Estates, CA)
Dorit Bar-Din, MD; Pediatrics (Berkeley, CA)
Paul Baranko, MD; Pediatric Hematology/Oncology (Phoenix, AZ)
Peter Barglow, MD; Psychiatry (Berkeley, CA)
Susan Barker, MD; Dermatology (Tampa, FL)
Summer Barlow, MD; Family medicine (Asheville, NC)
Alan Baron, MD; Emergency Medicine (Santa Rosa, CA)
Alanna Barron, MD; Pediatrics (West Olive, MI)
Lisa Barron, MD; Dermatology (Farmington, MI)
Laura Barry, MD; Pathology (Philadelphia, PA)
Bruce Barshop, MD, PhD; Medical Genetics (La Jolla, CA)
Cindy Barter, MD; Family Medicine (Pittstown, NJ)
Lisa Bartoli, DO; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Asbury Park, NJ)
Michele Basche, MD; Medical Oncology (Denver, CO)
Joe Bateman, MD; ER (Atlanta, GA)
Maria Batilo, M.D.; Internal Medicine (North Falmouth, MA)
Janet Bay, M.D.; Neurosurgery (Powell, OH)
Philip Bayliss, MD; Maternal Fetal Medicine (Lancaster, PA)
Christine Beadle, MD, MPH; Preventive Medicine (San Diego, CA)
Richard Beamon, MD; Emergency Mediu (Lenexa, KS)
Jan Becker, MD; internal medcine (Orlando, ID)
Benjamim Befeler, MD; Cardiovascular Disease (Miami Beach, FL)
John Belardo, MD; Ophthalmology (Edmond, OK)
Eugene Belogorsky, MD; Pulmonary (Santa Rosa, CA)
Paul Beltran, MD; Cardiology (Statham, GA)
Eleanor Beltran, MD; Internal Medicine (Saint Paul, MN)
Leon Bender, MD, MS; Urology (Beverly Hills, CA)
Arlene Bennett, MD; Psychiatry (Glenside, PA)
Luke Beno, MD; Pediatrics (Atlanta, GA)
Kathryn Benson, MD; Pediatrics (Lawrenceville, GA)
Garrett Bergman, MD; Pediatrics and Pediatric Heme/Onc (Narberth, PA)
David Best, DO; Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine (Williamsburg, MI)
Courtney Bethel, MD; Emergency Medicine (Darby, PA)
Eugene Betts, MD; Pediatric Anesthesiologist (Augusta, GA)
Aneeta Bhatia, MD; Anesthesiology (Prospect, KY)
Ann Bidwell, MD; Ophthalmology (Round Lake, IL)
Susan Biffl, MD; Pediatric Rehab (San Diego, CA)
Robert Biggs, MD; Internal medicine (Watsonville, CA)
Herman Birkner, MD; Gastroenterology (Sarasota, FL)
Mark Birnbaum, MD; Orthopedics (Orlando, FL)
Ronald Bishop, DO; Emergency Medicine (East Lansing, MI)
Michael Bither, MD; Geriatrics (Freeport, ME)
Kate Black, MD; Anesthesiology (Santa Rosa, CA)
Colleen Blanchfield, MD; Neuropsychiatry (Oakton, VA)
Robin Blitz, MD; Developmental pediatrician (Scottsdale, AZ)
Marlene Bluestein, MD; Internal medicine/geriatrics (Tucson, AZ)
Joseph Blum, MD; Internal medicine (Santa Barbara, CA)
Theresa Blumfelder, MD; Internal Medicine (Las Vegas, NV)
Paul Bock, MD; Emergency Medicine (St Louis Park, MN)
Peter Bockhorst, DO; Family Medicine (Abingdon, VA)
C Bono, MD; Emergency medicine (Glendale, CA)
Paula Bononi, MD; Internal Medicine (Glenside, PA)
Karla Booker, MD; Urgent Care (Sugar Hill, GA)
Michael Boquard, Md; Family practice (Baltimore, MD)
Gholamreza Borazjani, MD; Ob gyn (Mission Viejo, CA)
Michael Born, MD; Plastic Surgery (York, PA)
Stephen Bowen, MD; IM (Equality, AL)
Harriet Boxer, MD; Pediatrics/Neonatology (Port Washington, NY)
Andrew Bozdech, MD; Hospital Medicine (Elk Grove, CA)
Christine Brads, Do; Obgyn (Mesa, AZ)
Patrick Brandner, MD; Orthopedic surgeon (Henderson, NV)
Jaycee Bray, MD; Pediatrics (Vail, AZ)
Joyce Brehm, MD; Internal Medicine (Stoughton, WI)
Michael Brennan, MD; Psychiatry (Apache Junction, AZ)
Stephen Brennan, DO; Pediatrics (York Beach, ME)
Susan Brickle, MD; Family Medicine (Blackshear, GA)
Monica Briones, MD; Family Medicine (Edgewood, NM)
Robert Briskin, MD; Internal Medicine (Jupiter, FL)
Michael Bromer, MD; Neurology (Edina, MN)
Robert Brooks, MD; Psychiatry (Plymouth, MN)
Christopher Brooks, MD; EM (Knoxville, TN)
Lezley Brown, MD; Family Medicine (Auburn, CA)
Jonisha Brown, MD; Family (Charlotte, NC)
Vaughn Browne, MD, PhD; Emergency Medicine (Aurora, CO)
Richard Bruno, MD MPH FAAFP FACPM AAHIVS; Family medicine (Baltimore, MD)
Richard W Budenz, PhD, MD; Diagnostic Radiology (Placerville, CA)
Logan Bundy, MD; FP (Fillmore, CA)
Carl Burak, MD; CEO THE PATIENTS PARTY (Atlantic Beach, FL)
Walter Burns Jr, MD; General Surgery (Chapel Hill, NC)
Monica Burton, MD; Pediatrics (Philadelphia, PA)
Blake Butler, MD; General Surgery (Beatrice, TX)
Cesar Caldera, MD; Ob-Gyn (Glendale, CA)
Karen Campbell, MD; Pediatrics (Albuquerque, NM)
Alina Campos Vega, Md; Internal medicine (Miami, FL)
Scott Cannon, Md; Pediatrics (Phoenix, AZ)
James Carroll, MD; Pediatric Neurology (Augusta, GA)
Hernando Carter, MD; Internal Medicine (Birmingham, AL)
Linda Case, DO; Family practice (Colorado Springs, CO)
Troy Cashatt, MD; Emergency Medicine (Cathedral City, CA)
Robert Cato, Md; Internal medicine (Merion Station, PA)
Chet Cedars, MD; Family Practice (Greenwood Village, CO)
Stephanie Cell, MD; Psychiatry (White Plains, NY)
Silverio Ceniza Jr, MD; General Surgery (Hawkinsville, GA)
Michael Chaikin, MD; Cardiology (Los Angeles, CA)
Evan Chambers, MD; Radiology (Lakeland, FL)
Rekha Chandrabose, MD; Anesthesiology (San Diego, CA)
Sung Chang, MD; Pain Management (Columbus, GA)
Karen Chao, MD; Pediatrics (Milwaukee, WI)
James Cheek, MD, FAAP; Pediatrics (Jacksonville, FL)
Margie Chen, MD; ObGyn (San Francisco, CA)
David Chipkin, MD; Family Medicine (Santa Rosa, CA)
Mary Chrisochos, DO; Peditrics (Clearwater, FL)
Raymond Christensen, MD; FM (Duluth, MN)
Rocco Ciocca, MD; Vascular Surgery (Harpswell, ME)
Sharon Clark, MD; Internal Medicine - Pediatrics (Columbus, OH)
Melanie Cloonan, MD FACP; Internal med (Phoenix, AZ)
Nancy Jo Coburn, MD; Internal Medicine (Granite Bay, CA)
Mitchell Cohen, MD; Internal Medicine (Los Angeles, CA)
Joseph Cohen, DO; Functional Medicine (Broomfield, CO)
Roger Cohen, MD; Surgery (Fox Point, WI)
Carol Coldren, MD; Ob/Gyn (Coatesville, PA)
Martin E. Coleman, MD; Internal Medicine (Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, FL)
Raymond Coleman, MD; Pediatrics (Potomac, MD)
Gregory Collins, MD; Internal medicine (Charlotte, NC)
Michelle Condon, MD; Internal Medicine (Grand Rapids, MI)
Jennifer Connor, MD; Orthopaedic surgery (Chicago, IL)
Jeanne Conry, MD; OB Gynaecology (Granite Bay, CA)
Jill Constantine, M.D.; Family Medicine (Stoystown, PA)
Christopher Contino, MD; Emergency Medicine (Huntington, NY)
Brian Cook, MD; Emergency Medicine (Greensboro, NC)
Joel Cooper, DO; Family Medicine (Peoria, AZ)
Herbert Cooper, MD; Psychiatry (Lancaster, PA)
Shonda Corbett, MD; On/Gyn (Cresskill, NJ)
Tiberiu Corduban, MD; Internal Medicine (Grand Junction, CO)
Seid Cosovic, MD; Pain Medicine (Troy, MI)
Kevin Cox, MD; Child Psychiatry (Ventura, CA)
Cormac Coyle, MD; Internal Medicine (Naples, FL)
Ellen Crowe, MD; Family medicine and emergency medicine (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Elizabeth Cruse, MD; Internal Medicine (Louisville, CO)
Lynn Curtis, MD; PMR (Missoula, MT)
Gary Cushing, MD; Gastroenterologist (San Luis Obispo, CA)
W Alexandra Da Souza, MD; Family Practice (Zephyrhills, FL)
Anders Dahlstrom, MD, PhD; Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (Pebble Beach, CA)
Joanne Daly, MD; Family Medicine (Los Angeles, CA)
Wendy Daly, Md; Pediatrics (Louisville, KY)
Gary Davidson, MD; Hem/Onc (Granada Hills, CA)
Georgia Davis, MD; Neurology and psychiatry (Melbourne, FL)
Michelle Davis, MD; Family Medicine (Grand Rapids, MI)
Jacques Days, MD; Family Medicine (Chester, SC)
Juan Jaime de Zengotita, MD; Internal Medicine (Jamaica Plain, MA)
Robert Deiss, MD; Infectious diseases (San Diego, CA)
Catherine DeLeeuw, MD; Radiology (Holland, MI)
Lucian DeNicola, M.D.; Pediatric Critical Care (Jacksonville, FL)
David Dennis, MD; Preventive Medicine (Fort Collins, CO)
Kamlesh Desai, MD; Family practice (Santa Maria, CA)
Andrea DeSantis, DO; Family Medicine (Charlotte, NC)
Michael Dick, MD; Rheumatology (Athens, AL)
Andrew Dickler, MD; Critical care (Clayton, MO)
Catherine Dillon, MD; Obstetrics and Gynecology (Palm Springs, CA)
Robert Dimick, MD; Orthopaedic surgery (Gulf Breeze, FL)
Walter Dixon, MD; Emergency Medicine (Virginia Beach, VA)
Edwin Dolin, MD; Radiology (Scottsdale, AZ)
Tabitha Doniach, MD PhD; Family Medicine (Santa Rosa, CA)
Vignesh Doraiswamy, MD; Internal Medicine/Pediatrics (Columbus, OH)
Karen Dorn, MD; Hospitalist (Burnsville, MN)
Carol Dorros, MD; Internal Medicine (Barrington, RI)
Tanya Dory, MD; Pediatrics (San Diego, CA)
Gary Dosik, MD; Hematology/Medical Oncology (Northridge, CA)
Facundo Dovale, MD; Int Med (Burr Ridge, IL)
Gail Dressler, MD; Family Medicine (Fremont, CA)
George Dualan, MD; Family Medicine (San Dimas, CA)
Ranjan Duara, MD; Neurology (Miami, FL)
Maureen Dudgeon, MD; IM and PALLIATIVE CARE (San Mateo, CA)
Gloria Dunkin, MD; Psychiatry (Tequesta, FL)
Pearce Dupuis, DO; Family Medicine (Saint Joseph, MI)
Sarfraz Durrani, MD; Cardiology (Alexandria, VA)
Keira Duvernoy, DO; General medicine (Interlochen, MI)
William Dworet, DO; Pain Management (Harwich, MA)
Carole Early, MD; Primary Care (Clermont, FL)
Alan Edwards, MD; Family Medicine (Aurora, OH)
Richard Ellin, MD; Internal Medicine (Dunwoody, GA)
Thomas Elliott, M.D.; Vascular Surgery (Tucson, AZ)
Jill Endres, MD; Surgery (Orange, CA)
Tibor Engel, MD; On Gyn (Denver, CO)
Randall Enstrom, MD; Interventional Radiology (El Dorado Hills, CA)
Robert Entel, MD; Radiology (Clearwater, FL)
Martin Escobar, M.D; Internal medicine (Boardman, OH)
Michael Etomi, MD; Nephrology (Charlotte, NC)
Marcus Eubanks, MD, MPM, FACEP; Emergency medicine (Pittsburgh, PA)
Lynne Fagan, MD; Internal Medicine (Bethesda, MD)
Julie Fagan, MD; Internal medicine (Madison, WI)
Maher Fanous, MD; Ophthalmology (Gainesville, FL)
Barry Farkas, MD; FP+Geriatrics (Pittsburgh, PA)
C. Garrison Fathman, MD; Immunology and Rheumatology (Stanford, CA)
Khalil Fattahi, MD; Internal medicine (Los Gatos, CA)
Karl Fazekas, MD; Internal Medicine (Las Vegas, NV)
Larry Feldman, M.D.; Psychiatry (Lakeside, MI)
Cindy Felici, MD; Ped hem onc (Oakland, NJ)
Karl Fields, Md; Family medicine (Greensboro, NC)
Michael Finch, MD; Psychiatry (Asheville, NC)
Denise Finck-Rothman, MD; Family Medicine (Charlotte, NC)
Michelle Finkel, MD; Emergency medicine (Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA)
Martin Finkelman, MD; Pediatrics (Brooklyn, NY)
Cindy Finkelman, DO; General Practice (Sellersville, PA)
Jeffrey Finkelstein, MD; Otolaryngology (Egg Harbor Township, NJ)
Herbert Fischer, MD; Cardiology (Berwyn, PA)
Ralph Fishkin, DO; Psychiatry (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
Joel Fisler, MD; Orthopedics (Cardiff by the Sea, CA)
Lisa Flores, MD; Family Medicine (Titusville, NJ)
Jon Floyd, MD; Urology (Oakland, CA)
Kristin Foley, MD; Radiology (Columbus, OH)
Terry Forrest, MD; Cardiology (Bristol, TN)
Dave Forster, MD; Ophthalmology (Herndon, VA)
Steven Freedman, MD; Neurology (Raleigh, NC)
James Freeman, Md; Family/emergency (Chambersburg, PA)
Jeffrey Friedman, MD; Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery (Oakland, CA)
Martin Fritzhand, MD; Urologic oncology (Cincinnati, OH)
Regan Fulton, MD, PhD; Pathology (Sausalito, CA)
Robert Furia, MD; Internal Medicine (Newtown Square, PA)
Denise Fuson, MD; Internal Medicine (Baton Rouge, LA)
Ross Futerfas, MD; Pulmonary Medicine (Allentown, PA)
Paul Gaeta, MD MRCPI FACP; Internal medicine (Stuart, FL)
Robert Gaffney, MD; Psychiatry (Tahoe City, CA)
Wish James A Game, MD; ER (Las Vegas, NV)
Laurel Gamm, MD; Family practice (Saint Paul, MN)
Peter Ganime, MD; Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychiatry; Forensic Psychiatry (Conshohocken, PA)
Louis Garcia, M.D. M.P.H.; Ob gyn, Public health (Anaheim, CA)
Stephanie Gardner, MD; Dermatologist (Sanibel, FL)
Ivor Garlick, MD; Addiction Medicine and Internal Medicine (Denver, CO)
Robert Nevill Gates, MD; Internal Medicine (Greensboro, NC)
Maria Gervits, MD; Family Medicine (Brooklyn, NY)
Tejinder Ghuman, MD; Pediatrics (Yuba City, CA)
Paul Gilbert, MD; Orthopedic Surgery (Charlotte, NC)
Christian Gilbert, MD; Addiction medicine (West Grove, PA)
Neal Gilman, MD; Neurologist (Grand Junction, CO)
Sheldon Gingerich, MD; Anesthesiology (Tucson, AZ)
Moataz Giurgius, Md; Psychiatry (Yorba Linda, CA)
Edward Glassberg, MD; Dermatology (Playa del Rey, CA)
Shirley Godiwalla, MD; Urology (Pewaukee, WI)
Gary Goldberg, Md; Emergency med (Las Vegas, NV)
Eve Golden, MD; pediatrics (Portland, OR)
Emmel Golden, Md; Critical care (Memphos, TN)
Robert Goldfarb, MD; OB/Gyn (Farmington Hills, MI)
Miriam Goldfien, MD; Family Medicine (Mill Valley, CA)
Rosa Gomez, MD; Family Medicine (Palmdale, CA)
Sandra N. Gonzalez, MD; Anesthesiology (Gainesville, FL)
Patria Gonzalez, MD; Internal Medicine (New York, NY)
Angel González, MD; Internal Medicine (Guaynabo, PR)
Lawrence goodwin, MD; Ophthalmologist (Inglewood, CA)
Ryan Gorton, MD; Emergency Medicine (Davis, CA)
Sheetal Gosalia, Do; Fm (Scottsdale, AZ)
Cary Gottlieb, MD; Pathology (Marquette, MI)
Nick Gowen, MD; Internal medicine (Little Rock, AR)
Alan Graham, MD; Pediatrics (Scottsdale, AZ)
James Grant, MD; Anesthesiology (Portland, OR)
Betty Grant-Anderson, MD; Cardiology (Moreno Valley, CA)
Charles Grassie, MD, JD, FACEP; ED (Brighton, MI)
Mary Green, MD; Occupational Medicine (Tucson, AZ)
Judith Green, MD; Head and Neck Surgery (Verona, WI)
Dana Greene, MD; Family Medicine (Leadville, CO)
Lee Grossman, MD; Psychiatry (Berkeley, CA)
Pedro Guevara, MD; Internist (San Francisco, CA)
Donna Gutierrez, MD; psychiatry (Torrance, CA)
Debra Gutierrez, M.D.; Family Medicine (Fullerton, CA)
Amparo Gutierrez, MD; Neurologist (Orlando, FL)
Lorraine Gutowicz, Md; Family medicine (Philadelphia, PA)
Mehrnaz Hadian, MD; Critical Care (West Hollywood, CA)
Hamid Hajarian, MD; Surgery (Fountain Valley, CA)
Ruth Haley, MD; EM (Goodlettsville, TN)
John Hall, MD; Urology (Linden, MI)
Ada Hall, MD; Ophthalmology (Neenah, WI)
Michael Haller, MD; Pediatrics (Gainesville, FL)
Paul Hamburg, MD; Psychiatrist (Windsor, VT)
Arthur Hammer, MD; Pulmonary (Brooklyn, NY)
Ayser Hamoudi, M.D.; Family Medicine, Addiction Medicine (Dublin, OH)
Anniken Hansen, MD; Family Medicine (Aptos, CA)
Robert Harf, MD; Orthopedic surgery (Sonoma, CA)
Patricia Harkins, MD; Developmental Pediatrician (San Antonio, TX)
Mallory T Harling, md; Ob/Gyn (Glenwood Springs, CO)
Jay Harness, MD; General Surgery (Laguna Woods, CA)
Kent Hartung, MD; Family medicine (Fond du Lac, WI)
Harold A. Harvey, MD; Medical Oncology (Hershey, PA)
Terence Hassler, MD; Orthopedic Surgery (Hartsville, SC)
Rebecca Hayes, MD; Family Medicine (Concord, NC)
Leonard Hayes, DO; CV ANESTHESIOLOGY (Houston, TX)
William Hayton, MD; Obgyn (Dana Point, CA)
Mustafa Mehmet Haznedar, MD; Psychiatry (Scarsdale, NY)
Bobbie Head, MD, PhD; Medical Oncology (San Anselmo, CA)
Roxanne Hecht, MD; Pediatric Gastroenterology (Phoenix, AZ)
Don Hedges, Do; Family practice (Albuquerque, NM)
Laura Helfman, MD; Emergency Medicine (Coalmont, TN)
Harry Heller, MD; OB GYN (Chadds Ford, PA)
Ann Helms, MD; Neurology (Brookfield, WI)
Kristine Hembre, DO; Immunology (Colorado Springs, CO)
Stephen Hendrix, MD; Orthopedic surgeon (Pensacola Beach, FL)
Andrew Henrick, MD; Ophthalmology (Laguna Hills, CA)
Gary Henschen, MD; Psychiatry (Montreat, NC)
Thomas Herbst, MD; Psychiatry (Ann Arbor, MI)
Michael Herman, MD; Surgery (Encinitas, CA)
Gregory Hess, MD MBA MSc; Emergency medicine (Wayne, PA)
Mark Higgins, MD; Internal Medicine (Oakland, CA)
Emiliano Higuera, MD; Pediatrics (San Diego, CA)
Kenneth Hill, MD; Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine (Los Angeles, CA)
John Hill, MD; psychology (Beaumont, TX)
Allen Holloway, MD; Wound Care (Phoenix, AZ)
Michael Holman, MD; Cardiology (Augusta, GA)
Harland Holman, MD; Family Medicine (Grand Rapids, MI)
Sarah Hoque, MD; OB/Gyn (Hickory Hills, IL)
William Howe, MD; Internal Medicine (Staten Island, NY)
Carlos Huanes, MD; Anesthesiologist (Clovis, CA)
Charles Hugus, DO; FP (Malvern, OH)
Lynda Hulst, MD; Family Medicine (East Grand Rapids, MI)
James Hunt, Md; Ophthalmology (Santa Rosa, CA)
Thomas Hunt, MD; Family Medicine (Eau Claire, WI)
Yusra Hussain, MD; Internal Medicine (Palo Alto, CA)
Charles C Huston III, MD; General Surgery (Knox, PA)
Ronald Hyde, MD; Nephrology (Scottsdale, AZ)
Philip Hyden, MD; Pediatics (Studio City, CA)
Shakir Hyder, MD; Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Newark, CA)
Barbara Hyer, MD; Ob-Gyn (St Paul, MN)
Victor Iacovoni, MD; Pulmonary (Santa Rosa, CA)
Conrad Iber, MD; Pulmonary (Minneapolis, MN)
Emily Iker, MD; PMR (Santa Monica, CA)
Javed Iqbal, MD; Psychiatry (American Canyon, CA)
Joseph Jacob, MD; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Johnstown, CO)
Herbert Jacobs, MD; General Medicine, OB-GYN (Denver, CO)
Elizabeth Jaffee, MD; Oncology (Baltimore, MD)
Patricia Jaggers, MD; Emergency Medicine (Muscle Shoals, AL)
Harriet Jakob, MD; Internal Medicine (Shaker Heights, OH)
Farnaz Jamali, MD; Anesthesiology (Mill Valley, CA)
Timothea Jarrell, MD; Family medicine/urgent care (Lancaster, PA)
Nader Javadi, MD; Oncology (Calabasas, CA)
Mark Jawahir, MD; Interventional Pain management (Sebring, FL)
Martin Dawud Jeffries, MD; OBGYN (Grovetown, GA)
Joseph Jenkins, Md; Gi (Fort Collins, CO)
Kendrick Jeong, MD; Internal Medicine (Calabasas, CA)
Rita Jerath, MD; Pediatrics (Augusta, GA)
Yvette Jockin, MD; Integrative Medicine (San Diego, CA)
Albert Johary, MD; Internal Medicine (Roswell, GA)
Samuel E. Johnson, DO; Emergency (Auburn, CA)
Rick Johnson, MD; Pediatric Hospital Medicine (Cheshire, CT)
Scott Johnson, MD; Emergency Medicine (Stillwater, MN)
Maynard Anthony Johnston, MD; Pediatrics (Folsom, CA)
Sarah Jonaus, MD; Internal Medicine (Columbus, OH)
Richard Jones, MD; Urologist (Hanover, PA)
Leslie Jones, MD; Ophthalmology (Lorton, VA)
Brian Jumper, MD; Urology (Falmouth, ME)
Michael Kaback, MD; Medical Genetics (Del Mar, CA)
James Kahn, M.D.; Emergency Medicine (Santa Barbara, CA)
Carolyn Kalina, MD; Internal Medicine (Oak Park, IL)
Leonard Kamen, DO; Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (Philadelphia, PA)
Leslie Kammire, MD; Gynecology (Lexington, NC)
Lisa Kantrowitz, MD; Radiology (Newport Beach, CA)
Steven Kaplan, MD; Psychiatry (Miami, FL)
Rosalind Kaplan, MD; Internal Medicine (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
Alford Karayusuf, MD; Psychiatry (Saint Paul, MN)
Leslie Kardos, Md; Gyn (San Francisco, CA)
Mona Karim, MD; Radiation Oncology (Maplewood, NJ)
Linda Karl, MD; Rheumatology (Tucson, AZ)
Shayla Kasel, MD; Family Practice (Simi Valley, CA)
Eliezer Katz, MD; Surgery (Germantown, MD)
Charles Kaufman, MD; Neurology (Baton Rouge, LA)
Regina Kaufmann, MD; Ob-Gyn (Indialantic, FL)
David Kay, Md; Emergency medicine (Macon, GA)
David F Keely III, MD; Family Medicine & Public Health (Rock Hill, SC)
Adam Keene, MD; Critical Care Medicine (New York, NY)
Carey Keiter, DO; Family Medicine (State College, PA)
Lisa Keller, MD; ObGyn (Fortuna, CA)
Kathleen Kelley, MD; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Chicago, IL)
Mary Kemen, MD; Anesthesiology (Cedar Rapids, IA)
Timothy Kennedy, MD; Pulmonary/Critical Care (Denver, CO)
Reda Khalifa, MD; OB/GYN (Waterford, MI)
Fozia Khan, MD; Internal medicine (Burlington, NC)
Brehan King, MD; Anesthesiologist (Scottsdale, AZ)
Elizabeth Kinney, MD; Family Medicine (Alamosa, CO)
Gary Klapman, MD; Emergency Medicine (Santa Cruz, CA)
Paul Klazura, MD; Vascular Surgery (Rockford, IL)
Jack Kleid, Md; Cardiology (San Diego, CA)
Michael Klein, MD; Orthopaedic Surgery (Rancho Cordova, CA)
Hilary Klein, MD; Psychiatry (Shelton, CT)
Joel Kleinman, MD, PhD; Psychiatry, neurology and pharmacology (Washington, DC)
Stephen Knipe, MD; Family Practice (Napoleon, OH)
Steven Kobetz, MD; Neurology (Miami, FL)
John Kokales, MD; Internal Medicine (Pittsburgh, PA)
Artine Kokshanian, MD; Otolaryngology (Glendale, CA)
Amy Kossoff, MD; Internal Medicine/Mind-Body Medicine’ (Chevy Chase, MD)
Juan E Kraljevic, MD; Internal Medicine (Reading, PA)
Gary Kramer, MD; Interventional Radiology (Johnstown, PA)
Nelson Kraucak, MD; Family Practice (Chelsea, MI)
Jeremy Kroes, MD; Emergency Medicine (Long Beach, CA)
Alisan Kula, MD; Hematology/Oncology (Gainesville, VA)
Mailupillai Kumareswaran, MD; Internal medicine (Lilburn, GA)
Rama Kunkle, DO; Palliative Care (Phoenix, AZ)
Moses Kyobe, M.B.ChB.,FACC; Cardiology (Belvidere, IL)
Nilsa Laborde, MD, PhD; Family practice (Torrance, CA)
Elena Labrada, MD; Psychiatrist (Menlo Park, CA)
Eugene Lambert, MD; Internal Medicine (Vienna, VA)
Richard Lampert, MD; Pediatrics (Las Cruces, NM)
Steven Lana, MD; Pediatrics (Orchard Park, NY)
Claudia Landau, PhD, MD; Geriatrics (Berkeley, CA)
Dai Le, MD; Pediatrics (Missouri City, TX)
Gwen Lee-Dukes, MD; Psychiatrist (Houston, TX)
Paul Leo, MD; Pain Mgmt/Anesthesia (Golden, CO)
Olusegun Leramo, MD; Neurosurgery (Bakersfield, CA)
Cheryl-Ann Leslie, MD; Family Medicine (Anchorage, AK)
Eric Lester, MD; Medical Oncology (St. Joseph, MI)
Donald Levin, M.D.; Psychiatry (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Fredric Levin, DO; Orthopedics (Nunica, MI)
Lawrence Levy, MD; Nephrology (Los Angeles, CA)
Herman Levy, MD; Pulmonologist/Critical Care (Brunswick, GA)
Laurence Lewin, M.D.; Nephrology (San Rafael, CA)
Victor Lewis, MD; Primary care/Internal medicine (Brookline, MA)
Russell Libby, MD; Pediatrician (McLean, VA)
Richard Lieberman, MD; ObGyn & Pathology (Ann Arbor, MI)
Alexandra Liggatt, MD; Emergency Medicine (Westfield, NJ)
Cinda Liggon, MD; Psychiatry (Fayetteville, PA)
Dorothy Linster, MD; OB/GYN (Raleigh, NC)
Keith Lobert, MD; Anesthiology (Rockford, MI)
Farah Lokey, MD; Pediatrics (Queen Creek, AZ)
Donna Londino, MD; Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (Augusta, GA)
Jeff London, MD; Psychiatry (Farmington, MI)
Franklin Long, MD; Family Practice (Sacramento, CA)
Curtis Lowery, MD, PhD; Emergency Medicine (Memphis, TN)
Roberta Lucas, MD; Pediatrics (Roswell, GA)
Frank Lusher, M D; Med. Derm (Agoura Hills, CA)
Mary Lynass, MD; Family Medicine (Scottsdale, AZ)
Jane Lyons, DO; ObGyn (Iowa City, IA)
Kenneth Mack, MD; Internal Medicine (Plantation, FL)
Deborah Madansky, MD; Behavioral Pediatrics (Sebastopol, CA)
Abbas Mahdavi, MD; Pediatric,ped. Cardiologist (Pleasant Hill, CA)
Alan Maisel, Md; Cardiology (Solana Beach, CA)
Jed Maker, MD; Ob/Gyn (Beulah, MI)
Rajesh Makim, MD; Orthopedic Surgery (Fort Gratiot, MI)
Praveen Malhotra, MD; Interventional Radiologist (Naples, FL)
Farhan Malik, Do; Picu (St. Petersburg, FL)
Philip Malinas, MD; Psychiatry (Reno, NV)
Jennifer Mallek, MD; Anesthesiology (Denver, CO)
Gunwant Mallik, MD; Neurosurgery & Neurology (Powell, OH)
Andrea Manzo, MD; Radiology (Tacoma, WA)
Beth Marcus, MD; Family Medicine (Glendale, CA)
Riad Mardoum, MD; Pediatrics- Neonatology (San Diego, CA)
Gisele Mardy, MD; Pediatric (Miami, FL)
Paul Mariskanish, MD; FP (Platteville, WI)
Laurel Mark, MD; Internal Medicine (Madison, WI)
Stephanie Markle, DO; Surgery (Kalamazoo, MI)
Linda Marraccini, MD; Family Practice (Miami, FL)
Albert Marrero, MD; Psychiatrist (Ventura, CA)
Kelley Marshall, MD, DPM; Wound physician and foot and ankle surgeon (Oakpark, IL)
Leslie Marshall, MD; Emergency Medicare (Raleigh, NC)
Natasha Marston, MD; Hospice and Palliative Care (Santa Barbara, CA)
Anthony Martin, MD; Family Medicine (Charlotte, NC)
Keith Marton, MD; Internal Mwdicine (Dallas, TX)
Wesley Martus, MD; Emergency Medicine (Northville, MI)
Michelle Massie, MD; Family Medicine (Santa Cruz, CA)
Robert Mathis, MD; Emergency Medicine (Port Orange, FL)
Karolyn Mauro, MD; Family Medicine/Medical Acupuncture (San Diego, CA)
Catherine Mazei, DO; Family Medicine (Portage, MI)
John McAdam, MD; Internal Medicine (East Northport, NY)
Gary McCarragher, MD; Hospice (Odessa, FL)
Jerlyn McCleod, MD; Psychiatrist, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist (Dothan, AL)
Laurel McClure, MD; Endocrinology (Mountain View, CA)
Alice McCormick, D.O.; Internal Medicine (Phoenix, AZ)
Mary McCubbin, MD; Psychiatry (State College, PA)
Robert McCurdy, MD; Emergency Medicine (Hamburg, MI)
Deborah McNabb, MD; OB/Gyn/Bioethics (San Antonio, TX)
Ben Meek, MD; EM (Richmond, CA)
Vallabhaneni Meenakshi, Md; Psychiatry (Davis, CA)
Kishor Mehta, MD; Pediatrics (Weston, MA)
John Mellen, MD; Radiology (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Lora Melnicoe, MD; Pediatrics (Denver, CO)
Daisy Merey, MD; FP (West Palm Beach Florida, FL)
Lydia Mertens, MD; Family practice (Sebastopol, CA)
Matt Mesnik, MD; Emergency Medicine (Minneapolis, MN)
Albert Meyer, MD; Family Medicine (Topsail Beach, NC)
David L Meyers, MD, MBE; Emergency Medicine (Baltimore, MD)
Dori Middleman, MD; Psychiatry (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
Mario Milch, MD; Hospice (Los Angeles, CA)
Michael Miletic, MD; Psychiatry (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Sally Miller, DO; Primary care (Traverse City, CO)
Peter Millheiser, MD; Orthopaedic Surgery (Miami, FL)
Cathlin Milligan, MD; Internal medicine (San Francisco, CA)
Kim Mills, M. D.; Pathology (Rockford, MI)
Julio A. Miranda, MD; Pulmonary and Critical Care (Northampton, MA)
Stephanie Misciasci, MD; Internal medicine (Muskegon, MI)
Matthee Mitsch, MD; Neuro-orbit/Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery (Virginia Beach, VA)
Barry Moak, MD; Family Practice (Abilene, TX)
Lawrence Moher, MD; Family Medicine (Tucson, AZ)
Chonlada Mokrue, MD; Geriatric (New York, NY)
Eduardo Montana, MD MPH MBA; Pediatric Cardiology & Preventive Medicine (Marietta, GA)
David Moore, DO; Internal Medicine (Saugatauck, MI)
Jerome Morgan, Md; Urology (Sausalito, CA)
Sarah Morgan, MD; Psychiatrist (Clovis, CA)
Jonathan Morgan, MD; Radiology (Newtown Square, PA)
Monique Morisseau, MD; Family Medicine (Grand Junction, CO)
Douglas Morrow, MD; General Surgery (Tarzana, CA)
Herbert Moselle, MD; ENT (Plantation, FL)
Mansoor Mosley, Md; Family Medicine (Santa Ana, CA)
David Moss, MD; Psychiatry (Orange Park, FL)
Mahmoud Mostafa, MD; Obstetrician and Gynecologists (Lexington, SC)
Nike Mourikes, MD; Internal Medicine (Madison, WI)
Michael Dominic Mozzetti, MD; Emergency/Pain (Port Charlotte, FL)
Jude Mugerwa, MD; Cardiology (Johnstown, PA)
Faquir Muhammud, MD; Internal medicine (St. Louis, MO)
Juan Mujica, MD; Dermatology (McDonough, GA)
Deb Mukhopadhyay, MD; Gastroenterology (Las Vegas, NV)
Keith Muramoto, MD; Retired (Forestville, CA)
Susan Murray, MD; Internal Medicine (Okemos, MI)
Rajendran Nair, MD, FAAP; Anesthesiology (Pensacola, FL)
Andrew Nangalama, MD PHD; Urgent Care (El Dorado Hills, CA)
Syed Naqvi, MD; ER (Dublin, OH)
Mohamed Nasr, MD; Internal med cardiology holisic med (Lake Forest, IL)
Homayoun Nassiri, MD; Ped, A&I, EM. (Los Angeles, CA)
Barry Nathan, MD; Pediatrics (Ann Arbor, MI)
Gregory Nee, MD; Emergency medicine (San Jose, CA)
Miles Nelson, MD; Emergency Medicine (Santa Fe, NM)
Lori Nelson, MD; PMR (Springfield, VA)
William Neubauer, MD FACS; GeneralSurgery (Tumacacori, AZ)
Charles Nevels, MD; Geropsychiatry (Tuscaloosa, AL)
Beverly Neyland, MD; Pediatrics (Las Vegas, NV)
Josphat Nginyo, MD; OB GYN (Windber, PA)
Taylor Nichols, MD; Emergency Medicine (Sacramento, CA)
William Niedermeier, MD; Orthopedic surgeon (Madison, WI)
Carlos A Noguera, MD; Oncology (North Bay Village, FL)
John Nolan, MD; Family Medicine (Thousand Oaks, CA)
Eric Norenberg, M.D.; Family Medicine (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)
Bridget Norwood, MD; Internal Medicine (Davie, FL)
Chukwuemeka Nwabuebo, MD; Cardiovascular disease (Macon, GA)
James O'Brien, MD; Geriatrics (Elk Rapids, MI)
Carlos O'Bryan-Becerra, MD; Family Medicine (Ventura, CA)
David G. O'Day, M.D.; Ophthalmology (Mount Pleasant, SC)
Gabrielle Ochoa, MD; Internal medicine (Tucson, AZ)
Ambrose Okonkwo, MD; Family Medicine (Kinston, NC)
LaJune Oliver, MD; Family Medicine (Atlanta, GA)
Marty Olsen, MD; Ob/Gyn (Johnson City, TN)
Zach Ortiz, MD; Family Medicine (Gilbert, AZ)
Thomas Ortiz, MD; FM (Montclair, NJ)
John Osland, MD; Orthopedic surgery (Bainbridge Island, WA)
Frances Owen, MD; Pediatrics (Saint Simons Island, GA)
Charles Owen, MD; Emergency Medicine (Austin, TX)
Milt Owens, MDCM; Genl Surgery (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
Koyejo Oyerinde, MD; Pediatrics (Minot, ND)
William Padilla, MD; Family Practice (San Diego, CA)
Catherine Palmer, MD; Pathology (Brodnax, VA)
Eve Paretsky, MD; Family Medicine (Waunakee, WI)
May Parisien, MD; Pathology (Bronxville, NY)
Alexis Parker, MD; Aesthetic Medicine formerly ER (Denver, CO)
Kaveri Patel, DO; Family Medicine (Palo Alto, CA)
Chandrashekhar Patil, MD; Family medicine (Charlotte, NC)
William Paule, MD; PMR (Goleta, CA)
Kelly Pearson, MD; Dermatology (Scottsdale, AZ)
Stanley Pearson, MD; Cardiology (Phoenix, AZ)
Michele Peggs-Mineart, MD; Emergency Medicine (Westfield, IN)
Heather Peltier, MD; Primary Care (Macon, GA)
Clyde Pence, MD; Nephrology (Franklin, TN)
Anna Penna, MD; Anesthesiology (Warrenton, VA)
Vincent Perez, MD; Psychiatry (Pasadena, CA)
Walter D Perez, MD; Pediatrics (Elmhurst, IL)
Joshua Perper, MD; Forensic Pathology (Boca Raton, FL)
John Perryman, MD; Pediatrics (Williams Bay, WI)
David Pinto, MD; Emergency (Austin, TX)
Joel Pittard, MD; ObGyn (Auburn, AL)
Joseph Pizzano, MD; Ophthalmology (Philadelphia, PA)
Mark Poff, DO; PSYCHIATRY (Oro Valley, AZ)
Joseph Poku, MD; Cardiologist (Macon, GA)
Matthew Pollack, MD; Radiology (Easton, PA)
Sarah Polow, DO; Family Medicine (Chatsworth, GA)
James Poole, MD FAAP; Behavioral Medicine (Raleigh, NC)
David A. Portugal, MD, FACC; Cardiology (Bellaire, TX)
Louise Postman, M.D.; Psychiatry (Brunswick, ME)
Yakub Pothiawala, MD; Family practice (Tampa, FL)
John Potter, Md; Emergency Medicine (Berryville, VA)
Richard Powell, MD; Endocrinology (Butte Valley, CA)
Pamela Powers, M.D.; Psychiatry (Prescott, AZ)
Ernesto Pretto, MD; Anesthesiology (Coral Gables, FL)
Jules Preudhommr, MD; Anesthesiology (Cape Coral, FL)
David Price, MD; Family Med (Charlotte, NC)
Christopher Prince, MD; Emergency Medicine (Stevensville, MI)
Rebecca Prostko, MD; Internal Medicine (Palm City, FL)
Peggy Pugh, MD; Radiology (Newport Beach, CA)
Donna Puleio, MD; Oncology (Franklin, PA)
Akhtar Purvez, MD; Pain Medicine (Charlottesville, VA)
Jessica Quade, MD; Family medicine (Columbus, OH)
Kwei Quartey, MD; IM (Pasadena, CA)
Elisabeth Raab, MD; Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine (Los Angeles, CA)
Steven Radwany, MD; Hospice and Palliative Medicine (Akron, OH)
Puthalath Raghuprasad, MD; Allergy (Odessa, TX)
Una Ramey, MD; Pediatrics (Johns Creek, GA)
Carlos Ramia, MD; Anesthesiology (Lawrenceville, GA)
Mildred Ramos, MD; AP/CP (Riverside, CA)
Nancy Rampell, MD; Neurologist (Atlanta, GA)
Amelia Randolph, MD; Emergency (Sonoma, CA)
Edwidge Raoul, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Deltona, FL)
James Raque, Md; Interventional radiology (Livermore, CO)
Sandra Ratliff, MD; Pediatric (Nicholasville, KY)
Babak Razani, MD; Cardiology (Clayton, MO)
Martin Read, MD; ObGyn (Ft Worth, TX)
G Zacharia Reagle, DO, FCCP; Critical Care (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Madhusudhan Reddy, MD; Cadiology (Fort Gratiot, MI)
Melissa Redleaf, MD; Pediatrics (Scottsdale, AZ)
Mark Redor, MD; Gastroenterology (Shingle Springs, CA)
William Reed, MD, FACS; Cardiothoracic Surgery (Holmen, WI)
Christopher Rees, MD; Emergency Medicine (Southampton, PA)
Cheryl Reid, MD; Cardiology (Pasadena, CA)
Norman Reid, MD; Family Practice/ER (Socorro, NM)
Scott Reiter, M.D., F.A.A.E.M.; Emergency Medicine (Santa Monica, CA)
Mark Renneker, M.D.; family practice (San Francisco, CA)
Micah Resnick, MD; Pediatrics (Montogomery, OH)
Hernan Reyes, MD; Internal Medicine (Arlington, TX)
Ivonne Reynolds, DO; Ob/gyn (Margate, FL)
Marci Reynolds, MD; Pediatrics (Troy, NY)
Sara Richey-Lucero, MD; Family Practice and Pain Management (Martinez, CA)
Matthew Riddle, MD; Emergency Medicine and Medical Toxicology (San Diego, CA)
Jimmie Riggins, MD; Ophthalmologist (Fayetteville, NC)
Scott Ring, DO; Internal Medicine (Waynesville, NC)
Edward Roberts, MD; Psychiatry (Southfield, MI)
Charlene Robinson, MD; Family Medicine (Jonesboro, GA)
Vincent Roddy, MD; Emergency Medicine (Miami, FL)
Horacio Rodiles, MD; Nephrologist (El Centro, TX)
Kimberlea Anne Roe, MD; OB/GYN (Dallas, TX)
Susan Rogers, MD; Internal medicine (Chicago, IL)
Gary Rogers, MD; Ophthalmolgy (Columbus , OH)
Catherine Romanos, MD; Family Medicine (Columbus, OH)
Mary Romeyn, MD; Internal Medicine (Harwich, MA)
Mark Root, MD; Psychiatry (Ann Arbor, MI)
Gregory Rosa, MD; Family medicine (Sebastopol, CA)
Kenneth Rose, MD; Plastic Surgery (New York, NY)
Leonard Rosen, MD; Psychiatry (Farmington, MI)
Charles Rosenbaum, MD; Oncology (Encino, CA)
David Rosenberg, MD; Neurology (Los Alamitos, CA)
Steven Rosenberg, D.O.; Family Practice (Feasterville, PA)
Paul Rosenblum, MD; Ophthalmology (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Barry Rosenblum, MD; Otolaryngology (Frontenac, MO)
Danielle Rosenman, MD; Medical counseling (Oakland, CA)
Kenneth Rosenstein, MD; Psychiatry (Philadelphia, PA)
Lila Rosenthal, MD; Family Medicine (Boulder, CO)
Carolyn Ross, MD, MPH; Addiction Medicine (San Diego, CA)
Johnathon Ross, MD, MPH; IM (Toledo, OH)
Kathleen Roth, MD; Emergency (Oakland, CA)
Stuart Roth, MD, PhD; Anesthesiology (Columbia, MD)
Lewis Rothman, MD; Diagnostic Radiology (New York, NY)
Ron Rothstein, MD; Anesthesia (Hermosa Beach, CA)
Maurice Roulhac, MD; Vascular Surgery (Fayetteville, NC)
Kevin Rowe, DO; Psychiatry (La Grange Park, IL)
Alan Rowley, MD; Family Medicine (Temecula, CA)
Geoffrey Ruben, MD, MMM; Emergency Medicine (Washington, PA)
Elizabeth Rubin, MD; Pediatrics (Emmett, ID)
Robert Ruder, MD; Otolaryngology (Pacific Palisades, CA)
Michael Rudnick, MD, PhD; Pediatrician- Adolescent Medicine (Watkins, CO)
Beethoven T. Ruedas, MD; FP:GP, Hormone certified provider. (Jacksonville, CA)
Armando Ruiz, MD; Radiology/Neuroradiology (Miami, FL)
Haresh Ruparel, MD; IM (Redwood City, CA)
John Russo, MD; Emergency Medicine (Middleton, WI)
Paul Ruth, MD; FP (Hopkins, MN)
Catherine Ryan, MD; ObGyn (Boulder, CO)
Lilliam Wong Ryan, MD; Psychiatry (Franklin Lakes, NJ)
Naftali Sabo, MD; Internal Medicine (Santa Monica, CA)
Danish Saeed, MD; Family Medicine (Allentown, PA)
Jerome Sag, MD; Internal medicine (North Wales, PA)
Bhupinder Saini, MD; Pain management (Milwaukee, WI)
Yasser Sakawi, MD; Anesthesiology (Birmingham, AL)
Attiya Salim, MD; Pain and Anesthesia (Kingman, AZ)
David Salinger, MD; Pain Medicine (Valmy, NV)
Neha Sampath, MD; IM (San Diego, CA)
Alexander Sanchez, MD; Psychiatry (Millburn Township, NJ)
Gurpreet Sandhoo, DO, Ph.D; IM (Redding, CA)
Barry Sandler, DO; Emergency medicine (Lakewood, CO)
Milan Satcher, MD MPH; Family Medicine (Sunapee, NH)
Usha Sathian, MD; Pediatrics (Atlanta, GA)
Rajendra Sawh, MD; Internal Medicine- Urgent Care (Mulberry, FL)
Jessica Schorr Saxe, MD; family medicine (Charlotte, NC)
Karen Scarpa, MD; Emergency Medicine (Sacramento, CA)
Robin Schaffer, D.O.; Anesthesiology (Miami, FL)
Susan Schapiro, MD; neonatology (Cincinnati, OH)
William Scheig, MD; Chronic Wound Care, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine (Saint Louis Park, MN)
Lawrence Schimmel, MD; Surgery (Miami, FL)
Michael Schlabach, MD; Internal Medicine (Chappell Hill, TX)
J. David Schmitz, MD; Family Medicine (Ogden, TX)
Richard Schneider, MD; Cardiologist (Pittsburgh, PA)
Roberta Schneider, MD; Emergency Medicine (Doylestown, PA)
Margaret Schoeller, MD; OB/Gyn (Portland, ME)
Robert Schoene, MD; Pulmonary/critical care (Kentfield, CA)
Kimberly Scholfield, MD; Emergency Medicine (Hummelstown, PA)
John Schroder, MD; Psychiatry (New Britain, PA)
Jerome Schroeder, MD; Breast Imaging (Denver, CO)
Charles Schubert, MD, MPH; Pediatrics (Thornton, PA)
Donald Schwarcz, MD; Psychiatry (San Francisco, CA)
Nita Schwartz, MD; Hospice and palliative care (Genoa, NV)
Jack Seavy, MD; ER (Virginia Beach, VA)
Andrew Seiler, MD; Pediatrics (Ann Arbor, MI)
Kenneth Sekine, MD; Gynecology (Jacksonville, FL)
Jay Seldera, MD; GS (Las Vegas, NV)
Kelly Sennholz, MD; Emergency Medicine (Edgewater, CO)
Pradeep Sethi, MD; Pathology (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kant Shah, MD; PMR,Pain management ,ElectroDiagnostic studies (Clearwater, FL)
Yousuf Shamsie, DO; Family Medicine (Santa Clara, CA)
Eve Shapiro, MD, MPH; Pediatrics (Tucson, AZ)
Shikha Sharma, MD; Internal Medicine (Tampa, FL)
Sheetal Sharma, MD; Internal medicibe (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
Mamta Sharma, MD; Infectious Disease (Grosse Pointe Park, MI)
Barbara Sharp, MD; Radiology (Jacksonville, FL)
Tatyana Shekhel, DO; Infectious Disease Physician (Phoenix, AZ)
Kimberly Shepherd, MD; ob/gyn (Columbus, OH)
Harvey Sher, MD; Hematology-Medical Oncology (Stowe, VT)
Harbhajan Shergill, Md; General practice (Stockton, CA)
Thomas Shim, MD; Pediatrics (Merrick, NY)
Sylvain Sidi, MD; Gastroenterology (Tucson, AZ)
Sheera Siegel, MD; Endocrinologist (Morristown, NJ)
Stanley Silverman, MD; Pulmonary/Critical Care (Jenkintown, PA)
Frank Silvestry, MD; Cardiology (Gladwyne, PA)
Elizabeth Simon, MD; Internal Medicine (Libertyville, IL)
William Simons, MD; psychiatry (Asheville, NC)
Reddog Sina, DO; Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (East Lansing, MI)
Brij Singh, MD; Internal medicine. (Rome, GA)
Steven Skoog, MD; Pediatric Urologist (Canby, OR)
Robert Skversky, MD; Family Practice (Irvine, CA)
David Slawson, MD; Family Medicine (Charlotte, NC)
Karen Smith, MD, MOH; Infectious Diseases (Soda Springs, CA)
Mark Smith, MD; Vascular Surgery (Palm Springs, CA)
Jeralyn Smith, MD; Pediatrics (Stone Mountain, GA)
Susan Smith, MD; Internal Medicine (Traverse City, MI)
Andre Smith, MD; Family Practice (Lansing, MI)
Laurie Smith, PhD, MD; Genetics (Chapel Hill, NC)
Lindley T Smith, MD; Ophthalmologist (Richmond, VA)
Richard Smits, MD; Family medicine (Huntersville, NC)
Joseph Snow, MD; Surgery (Concord, NH)
Quinn Snyder, MD; Emergency Medicine (Phoenix, AZ)
Evan Snyder, MD, PhD; Pediatrics (La Jolla, CA)
Roy Soetikno, MD; Gastroenterology (Los Altos Hills, CA)
Remi Soile, MD; Interna Medicice (Southfield, MI)
Hisham Soliman, MD; Psychiatry (Folsom, CA)
Alfred Solish, MD; Ophthalmology (La Canada Flintridge, CA)
Anita Somani, MD; ObGyn (Dublin, OH)
Anthony Somkin, MD; Internal medicine (Berkeley, CA)
Marsha Soni, MD; Infectious Diseases (Fairfax, VA)
Valerie Sorkin-Wells, MD; Gynecology (Scottsdale, AZ)
Leigh Sorokin, MD; Psychiatry (Sun City West, AZ)
Michael Soso, MD; Neurology (Pittsburgh, PA)
Bethel Spargo, Md; Pediatric endocrinology (Davie, FL)
John Spieker, MD; Orthopedic (Lewes, DE)
Robert Springer, MD; Pulmonary/Sleep (Waco, TX)
Amaal Starling, MD; Neurology (Scottsdale, AZ)
Kasey Statum, MD; Prdiatrics (Lakeland, FL)
Robert Steele, MD FACEP; Emergency Medicine (Murrieta, CA)
Mark Steffens, MD; Emergency Medicine (Raleigh, NC)
Holly Stegall, MD; Family Medicine (Polkton, NC)
Susan Steigerwalt, MD; Nephrology (Detroit, MI)
Gerald Stein, MD; Internal Medicine (Gainesville, FL)
Debra M Stein, MD; Pediatrics (Commack, NY)
Nancy Sterling, MD; Anesthesiology (Norwalk, CT)
Michael Stewart, MD; Cardiology (Captain Cook, HI)
Frances Stewart, MD; Psychiatry (Bethesda, MD)
Holly Stewart, MD; Psychiatry (Pittsburgh, PA)
Kenneth Stiver, MD; Emergency medicine (Bellingham, WA)
Christopher Stoehr, MD; Internal Medicine (San Francisco, CA)
Rosita P Stoik, MD; Rheumatology (Florida, FL)
Joshua Strait, DO; Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics (Tacoma, WA)
Axel Strauch, MD; Urology (Southwest Ranches, FL)
Mark Strauss, MD; Internal Medicine. Hospitalist (Pensacola, FL)
Tom Strobel, Md; Internal medicine (Clarkston, WA)
Patrick Stuart, DO; Family Medicine (Fresno, CA)
Meaghan Stumpf, MD; Endocrinology (Charlottesville, VA)
Angela Stupi, MD; Rheumatology (Wexford, PA)
Doris Suciu, MD; Internal Medicine (Flint, MI)
Elizabeth Suminski, MD; Emergency Medicine (Williamsburg, MI)
Alan Sunshine, MD; Gastrooenterology (Atlanta, GA)
Robert Swan, MD; Family Medicine (Lake Saint Louis, MO)
Ayesha Taj, DO; Pediatrics (Canton, MI)
Larry Tankanow, MD; Pulmonary (Ann Arbor, MI)
Theodore Tanzer, MD; Orthopedic Surgery (Corona Del Mar, CA)
Sandra Taylor, MD; General Surgery (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
James Taylor, Md; Internal Medicine (San Rafael, CA)
Tyler Taylor, MD; Family Medicine (Los Alamos, NM)
Valencia Tellis, MD; Family Medicine (Monroe, NC)
Shelley Tepper, MD; Pathology (Setauket, NY)
Martin Tessler, MD; Dermatologist (Bloomfield Hills, MI)
Ritu Thamman, MD; Cardiology (Pittsburgh, PA)
Stephanie Thomas, MD; FAMILY MEDICINE (Billings, MT)
Richard Thornton, MD; Gyn (Asheville, NC)
Gretchen Tietjen, MD; Neurology (Ottawa Hills, OH)
Warren Tipton, MD; Emergency Medicine (Toledo, OH)
Robert Tiso, MD; Pain Management (North Syracuse, NY)
Suman Tiwari, MD; Radiation oncology (Phoenixville, PA)
Angela Tobias, MD; Family Practice (Olympia, WA)
Luis Todd, MD; Pediatrics (Sunland Park, NM)
Darwana Todd, MD; OB/GYN (Deming, NM)
Annette Toledano, MD; Internal Mwdicine (North Miami, FL)
Stanley Tomczyk, MD; Family medicine , addiction medicine .geriatrics (Park Ridge, IL)
Aurea Tomeski, MD; Int Med/Hem/Onc (Boca Raton, FL)
Bogdan Toplak, MD; Family Medicine (Columbus, OH)
William Torch, MD, MS; Child & Adult Neurology, Psychiatry & Sleep Disorders Medicine (Reno, NV)
Barbara Towner, MD; Internal Medicine (Oakland, CA)
Paul Tritel, MD; Internal Medicine (Fort Myers, FL)
Verneda Troyer, MD; Family Medicine (Bexley, OH)
George Tsoutsoplides, MD; ObGyn (Shavertown, PA)
Harpreet Tsui, DO; Internal Medicine (Henderson, NV)
Madelaine Tully, MD; Family Medicine (Milwaukee, WI)
Joy Tung, DO; Family Medicine (Fremont, CA)
Louise Turkula, MD; Plastic surgery (Long Lake, MN)
Deborah Turski, MD; Pathology (Middleton, WI)
Wakenda K. Tyler, MD; Orthopedics (New York, NY)
John Uckele, MD; OB/GYN (Troy, MI)
Thomas Uhde, MD; Psychiatry, Psychopharmacology, and Sleep Medicine (Mt Pleasant, SC)
Lawrence Ulmer, DO; Family practice (Portage, MI)
Michael Urda, MD; Psychiatry (Carrboro, NC)
Aimee Vafaie, MD; Pediatrics (Destin, FL)
Lois Van Tol, MD; Family Medicine (Rochester, NY)
John VanGilder, MD; Cardiologist (Zanesville, OH)
Darryl Varda, MD; Neurology (Ada, MI)
Naysha Varghese, MD; Family Medicine (Troy, MI)
Maria Varveris, MD; Internal medicine (Dublin, OH)
Andre Vasu, M.D.; Cardiac surgery (Punta Gorda, FL)
Curtis Veal, MD; Internal medicine, Pulmonary & Critical care (Seattle, WA)
Ramon Velez, MD; Internal medicine (Pfafftown, NC)
René Venegas, MD; Emergency medicine (Castro Valley, CA)
Peru Venkatesh, MD; IM (Farmington, CT)
Neal Verma, MD; Family Medicine (Middleburg, FL)
Kim Vernon, MD; OB Gyn (Dallas, TX)
Harlan Vingan, MD; Interventional Radiology (Virginia Beach, VA)
Maria Vivaldi, M.D.; Cardiology (Boston, MA)
R P von Buedingen, MD PhD FACS; Urology (Batesburg, SC)
Katrina von Kriegenbergh, MD; Pain Management (Rancho Palos Verdes, CA)
Margaret Wacker, MD; Neurosurgery (Redlands, CA)
Parvindar Wadhwa, MD; Cardiology (Anaheim, CA)
Harvey Wages, Jr, MD; OB/GYN (Dalton, GA)
Manoj Waikar, MD; Psychiatry (Los Gatos, CA)
Scott Walker, MD; Family Medicine (Prairie du Chien, WI)
Angela Walker, MD MPH; Internal Medicine (Bryn Mawr, PA)
Maryann Walsh, MD; Internal Medicine (Eddington, ME)
Stuart Wanucj, Md; Urology (Palm Beach Gardens, FL)
Irene Wapnir, MD; Surgery (Stanford, CA)
Samuel Ward, MD; Family medicine (Graceville, FL)
Kirsten Ware, DO; Family Medicine (Culver City, CA)
Michael Warmoth, MD; Pediatrics (Petoskey, MI)
Mark Warnken, MD; Pediatrics (Tucson, AZ)
Craig Watson, MD; FP (Tucson, AZ)
Ronald Watts, MD; Endocrinology (Stockbridge, GA)
Dael Waxman, MD; Family Medicine (Mt Holly, NC)
Lee Webster, MD; Ophthalmology (Grand Haven, MI)
Harrison Weed, MD; Internal Medicine/Infectious Diseases (Columbus, OH)
Beth Weinstock, MD; Family Medicine (Columbus, OH)
Shawna Weisler, Md; Endocrine (Burbank, CA)
Edward Weiss, MD; General practice (Palo Alto, CA)
Briana Wellington, MD; OB/GYN (Chandler, AZ)
Jordan Wells, MD; Emergency medicine (Tempe, AZ)
Leah Welsh, DO; neuromuscular medicine (Columbus, OH)
Andrea Westinghouse, MD; Pediatrics (Plaistow, NH)
Jeff White, MD; Ophthalmology (Pinehurst, NC)
Richard White, MD; Cardiology (Ogden, UT)
Mary Whitley, MD; Anesthesiology (Birmingham, AL)
Jan Widerman, DO; Addiction Medicine & Pediatrics (Northampton Township, PA)
Lorry Widger, MD; Anesthesiology (Vero Beach, FL)
Susan Wilder, MD; Family Medicine (Scottsdale, AZ)
Susan Wiley, MD; Psychiatry (Harleysville, PA)
Allan Wilke, MD; Family Medicine and Geriatrics (Portage, MI)
John Wilkie, MD, FRCSC; Ophthalmology (San Francisco, CA)
Caren Wilkie, Md; General surgery (Ormond Beach, FL)
Janice Williams, MD FACOG ret.; OB-GYN,Women’s Medicine (Virginia Beach VA, VA)
Deborah Wilson, MD; Gynecology (Scottsdale, AZ)
Locke Wilson, M.D.; Family Medicine (Healdsburg, CA)
Dawn Wilson, MD; PM& R (Suwanee, GA)
Molly Wilson, MD; Family Medicine (Columbus, OH)
Shawn Winnick, MD; Anesthesiologist (Claremont, CA)
Jeff Winston, MD; Psychiatry (Dunwoody, GA)
Glenn Wishon, MD; Internal Medicine (Manhattan Beach, CA)
David Witt, MD; medical genetics (Cupertino, CA)
William Wittman, MD; Internal medicine (West Falmouth, MA)
Max Wolf, MD, MBA; Radiology (Atlanta, GA)
Elizabeth Woods, MD; Perinatology (Fresno, CA)
Loren Woodson, MD; Psychiatry (Santa Monica, CA)
Artis Woodward, M.D.; Anesthesiology (Garden Grove, CA)
Peter Wright, MD; Neurology (Lexington, KY)
Laurie Wright, MD; Emergency Medicine (Wynantskill, NY)
Timilehin Wusu, MD; Orthopaedic (Atlanta, GA)
Basia Yakaitis, MD; OBGYN (Las Vegas, NV)
Patti Yanklowitz, MD; Internal medicine (Stanford, CA)
Susie Yeh, MD; Critical Care (Laguna Niguel, CA)
Peter Yorgin, MD; Pediatric Nephrology (San Diego, CA)
Alireza Zand, M.D.; Pediatric (Inverness, IL)
David Zarou, DO; Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (Denver, CO)
Barbara Zawadzki, MD; Internal medicine (Pittsburgh, PA)
Louis Zbinden, MD; General Surgery (Charlotte, NC)
Daniel Ziegler, MD; Emergency medicine (Eureka, CA)
Jennifer Zimmerman, MD; Pediatrics (Pace, FL)
Andrea Zotovas, MD; Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Juno Beach, FL)
Stanley Zuba, MD; Peds (Tavernier, FL)