Pick a nickname for Donald Trump

UPDATE: Cadet Bone Spurs is in the lead. Don the Con is in second. Mrs. Putin is third. And Traitor Trump is fourth. Voting will continue for a few more days. Thanks.


Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton "crooked Hillary" during a White House meeting with the leaders of the Baltic states on April 3.

I know it’s infantile, but I think it’s time we came up with, and stuck with, a truly wicked nickname for Trump. One that all of us can use, akin to what Dan Savage did to Rick Santorum oh so many years ago.

Now why do it? For the same reason Trump does it: It will drive him nuts. And the nuttier Trump gets, the more quickly he will show the American people just how unfit he is to serve as president. (And frankly, the man spends so much time taunting people, he deserves a little taunting back.)

The best suggestions I've received are in the form to the right. Please pick the ones you like the most (you can vote for more than one), and I'll be sharing them during and after the vote. (Enter your email address to ensure one vote per person -- though you can select multiple names.)

Thanks, JOHN

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