South Carolina needs bold solutions, not denial and neglect, during this time of crisis. That’s why Mia released her plan to stop the spread of COVID and save lives as our first policy rollout. Here’s what Mia’s plan will do:

  1. Request and distribute all available federal pandemic funding for South Carolina.
  2. Partner with the CDC, as well as federal and state public health experts, to ensure that South Carolina is implementing best practices with regard to vaccines, variants, safety protocols, resources and other critical information.
  3. Advise local governments to use American Rescue Plan funds and other COVID federal and state recovery funds to incentivize local constituencies to get vaccinated.
  4. Implement a statewide mask mandate until state vaccination rates are 70% and above.
  5. Require state employees to get vaccinated or submit to weekly COVID testing.
  6. Require school-aged children, ages 17 and under to show proof of immunization to COVID-19 and related variants to attend South Carolina public (K-12) schools, colleges, and universities.
  7. Appoint public health ombudsmen by county or region, to field questions, address concerns, disseminate accurate information, debunk misinformation, resolve complaints, develop and promote targeted pro-vaccination public awareness campaigns, and increase accessibility to vaccines.
  8. Partner with local businesses and trucking companies to provide refrigerated trucks to county health departments for the purpose of storing and preserving vaccines that must be stored in frigid temperatures.
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