Plastics and Petrochemicals: How They Affect You and the Environment


At the end of 2019 and beginning of 2020, thanks to grants from the Center, Health, Environment & Justice and The Story of Stuff, OVEC volunteer Dr. Randi Pokladnik conducted a series of workshops at community meetings in and around the Ohio River Valley.

Originally held as in-person workshops, Dr. Pokladnik's "Plastics and Petrochemicals: How They Affect You and the Environment" presentations are now available to watch online.

This series of presentations delves into topics including plastics and human health, alternatives to plastic production, and the Appalachian Storage Hub.

With the fossil fuel industry, many politicians, and even much of the local media attempting to control the narrative around this topic, touting jobs and economic development, while refusing to address the downside of this massive petrochemical buildout, there's little doubt why many us of lack the information we need to confront this industry and the politicians beholden to it.

Register here to view the presentations. If you'd like to speak with an OVEC organizer about joining our efforts to build a better future for our region by thwarting the petrochemical industry's lust for our water, our resources, and our health, e-mail us at