The People's Platform for Georgia's Future

Sign The People's Platform for Georgia's Future:

The people of Georgia are positioned to take control to envision and demand a future where all Georgians live in healthy and thriving communities. In order for that to become reality, the people of this state require policy makers and those in power to implement the following demands into future laws and state infrastructure.

We demand that Georgia:

  • Energy Justice: Retire all dirty energy projects (including gas, coal, and nuclear) and dramatically scale up solar, wind, storage, and energy efficiency through a just transition. This reprioritization of energy production and distribution across Georgia will mitigate disproportionate impacts on the health, well-being, environments, and economies of those living in black, indigenous, persons of color, and low-wealth communities.

  • Climate Justice: Stop production of dangerous greenhouse gas emissions that are driving climate change (including Scope 1, 2, & 3 emissions).

  • Democracy Justice: Include residents in the decision-making process because we are experts in our communities and can speak for ourselves.

  • Economic Justice & Energy Equity: Provide energy that is affordable and sliding scale programs for those most at risk of having their energy shut off including seniors, disabled, low-wealth, etc.

  • Reproductive, Health, & Environmental Justice: In authentic partnership and collaboration with communities, political and utility decision-makers will take immediate steps to repair the environmental damages their sectors have caused to local communities and its disproportionate impact on the reproductive health of black people, women of color, and low-wealth communities.

  • Labor Justice: The green labor economy will provide equitable jobs, respect the right of its workers to form unions and require its contractors to do the same while prioritizing the economic welfare of workers and communities in which they operate or do business.

  • Housing Justice: Invest in housing infrastructure by providing adequate energy efficiency and weatherization programs because low rent but high bills does not equate to affordable housing. Energy efficiency is the use of less energy to perform the same task or produce the same result.

  • Water Justice: Access to clean and safe water for drinking and recreating is non-negotiable. Modern sewers, water systems, and clean rivers, lakes and streams is a right that all Georgians should have.

We come together as a unified and collective voice in saying that our lives and our futures depend on putting people first in Georgia!

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