Pledge for a #FairGoForFamiles


The situation

Currently getting visas for family reunion can be a difficult, expensive and very long process: for many it is not even possible. Policy changes are needed for the refugees and their families: changes that will have social and economic benefits for Australia generally.

What is needed?

We believe there should be consultation with refugee communities, more visas, needs-based concessions, shorter process times with less costs and no restrictions because of arriving by boat.

What can you do?

Sign this pledge to show your support for refugee families and their right to be with their families. We believe families deserve to be together and that our government should not stand in the way of people being happy and prosperous.

By signing this pledge you are joining the call for the Federal government and Federal opposition to:

  1. Allocate at least 5,000 visas under the family stream of the Migration Program for refugee and humanitarian entrants.

  2. Introduce needs-based concessions under the family stream of the Migration Program

  3. Conduct a consultation with refugee communities, practitioners involved in providing support with family reunion applications and other relevant stakeholders

  4. Reduce processing times, increase funding to support the process and remove restrictions to family reunion to people arriving by boat

  5. Reduce the associated costs, increase the allocated places and decouple Community
    Proposal Pilot/Community Support Program from the offshore Refugee and Humanitarian Program.

Basically what all this means is adequate access and support to family reunion for refugees in the Australian community.

We believe in a #FairGoForFamiles. Do you?

Sign the pledge today.


Fair Go for Families is a joint campaign between the following partners: