Pledge to Demand Sustainable Investing Options in 2023

The financial institutions we trust with our investments and retirement, like Vanguard, Fidelity and BlackRock are funneling money into the companies responsible for climate chaos. Despite any claims about sustainability, they are the world’s largest investors in fossil fuels, deforestation, and Indigenous and human rights violations.

Even most funds currently marketed as sustainable include fossil fuels and deforestation commodities. But you can help change that by pledging to demand truly sustainable investment options. We all deserve socially responsible options for keeping our financial futures secure.

This year, we’re asking you: pledge to meet with your asset manager or financial advisor to demand truly sustainable investing options.

Join us and take the pledge to add your voice to the investors urging asset managers to introduce climate safe products. If you aren’t an investor, ask a friend or family member who is to take our pledge!
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