Pledge to give part of your stimulus check to undocumented families!

Right now, millions of undocumented families are struggling. After mass layoffs in the hard hit hospitality, retail, and restaurant industries, undocumented families are urgently trying to meet their basic needs like food, diapers, and soap -- and anxiously scrambling to find money to pay the rent, utilities, and medical bills. Millions more undocumented workers are continuing to sustain "essential" industries, threatened with layoffs if they stay home from work, and forced to choose between an income and their family's safety.

Despite this struggle, the $2 trillion stimulus package -- with the promise of a $1,200 direct cash transfer for adults with an income less than $75k last year -- excludes financial support for millions of taxpaying undocumented workers and their families [1].

It is outrageous that undocumented workers who sustain major industries and pay taxes every year are left out of this government relief package. In doing so, the government has once again ignored the fundamental truth that this country depends on the work and contribution of undocumented immigrants.

But we refuse to leave the undocumented community out of our country’s effort to provide relief for struggling families. We recognize the undocumented community’s hard work, sacrifice, and hardship through this pandemic crisis -- and always. We show this by pledging to give part of our stimulus check to an undocumented family.

Join us and pledge to give all or part of the stimulus check you receive to an undocumented family as they struggle to keep their families healthy and safe.

If 10,000 people pledge to give at least $120 or 10% of their stimulus check, we will raise $1.2 Million, and will be able to give $1200 directly to 1000 undocumented families in need.

Everyone should have the right to stay home from work, without fear of getting fired, in order to protect themselves and their families from an extremely contagious, deadly virus.

With mass layoffs, little access to health insurance, and an economy in collapse, undocumented families will face unimaginable financial burden throughout - and well beyond - this crisis.

Pledge here to join thousands in donating part of our stimulus checks to undocumented families.

After you sign the pledge we will follow up with details about how to give directly to undocumented workers and families and how to support the undocumented community in other ways as well.

We know we are asking a lot from people who might not have so much extra cash lying around either. If you can’t pledge to donate part of your stimulus check, please ask those who can to pledge. If you will not be receiving a stimulus check but you want to contribute to our fund, please donate directly to Cosecha’s Undocumented Worker Fund here.

[1] F.A.Q. on Stimulus Checks, Unemployment and the Coronavirus Bill, NY Times, article link.
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