Commit to Join the #JewishResistance at AIPAC

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Following the largest protest in American history, the time has come to take the #JewishResistance to AIPAC’s doorstep. In this moment of crisis, we must be willing to dream big.

Donald Trump’s first year as president of the United States is also the 50th year of Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories. The Israeli government stands poised to make the occupation a permanent reality, and Trump has given every indication that Washington will support them.

The American Jewish establishment has proven itself wholly unequipped to deal with the crisis. It has remained silent in the face of Trump policies -- like the nomination of David Friedman as ambassador Israel and the planned move of the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem -- that will not only imperil democracy but inflame violence. It failed to register concern as anti-Semites, bigots, and misogynists became emboldened by Trump’s rise. And as we have long known, its defense of a status quo of endless occupation is a true moral disaster.

Against this grim backdrop, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) will convene in late March. The annual AIPAC policy conference is always a festival of pandering, with American politicians jockeying for who can pay higher lip-service to the U.S.-Israel “special relationship,” even as the human rights crisis in Israel and Palestine deepens.

We know that this year, AIPAC will invite Trump and his advisors -- that’s where we come in.

The day after the inauguration, Americans took to the street in the biggest coordinated demonstration in this country’s history, in a stand of defiance against Trump’s politics of hate. So too must the Jewish majority stand up against an organization that has done more to further the occupation than any other American institution.

If we show up in huge numbers -- at least 1000 people strong -- it will end AIPAC's fiction that the American Jewish community supports endless occupation. All this on the lobby’s biggest stage, in front of Trump.

Our politicians are failing us, but this is no time for despair. Now is the time to become part of a sustained and meaningful resistance against bigotry and injustice. We call on all American Jews who believe in freedom and dignity for Israelis and Palestinians alike to join the #JewishResistance at AIPAC -- because they do not and cannot speak for us.

The millions of us who took to the street the day after the inauguration weren’t just marching against Trump -- we were declaring our refusal to cooperate with the violence that his administration represents.

The Jewish American establishment's cooperation with the Trump Administration will only make the violence in Israel and Palestine -- not to mention here  in America, against so many vulnerable people -- much worse.

Those of us opposing Trump are the true majority in this country. Those of us opposing endless occupation are the true majority of the Jewish community.Join us.
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