Pledge to Protect Black People and Trans People

I pledge to Black and trans people:
  1. I will not kill you or destroy your spirit. You are invaluable to humanity.
  2. I will be curious about your well-being — not because you are entertaining or sexually fulfilling, but because it is my desire and duty to relate, grow, and transform myself for the sake of real connection and belonging for all of us.
  3. I will be present for Black and trans youth. I will believe your truths of sexual abuse, bullying, harassment, anxiety, dysphoria, and depression.
  4. I will trust your process of transformation. Knowing that we will get to the other side of it, together.
  5. I will be accountable and check others by freely exposing the harm that they have caused.
  6. And if death shall take you from me — I will celebrate you and bury you in light, painted for the Gods, in glitter, and wrapped in all of your glory.

I am pledging to do my part in transforming myself. I am practicing seeing all of you, even if I can't yet see all parts of myself.

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