Nov 15th: Mobilize against the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation CEO Summit in San Francisco

Don’t Trade Away Our Climate Future!

Mass Non-Violent Direct Action | San Francisco, CA | 7am on Nov. 15th, 2023


Gather at Powell Street BART Plaza, where Powell St meets Market Street, in San Francisco at 7am on Wednesday, November 15th.

Join the Text Alert Thread: Just text "No 2 APEC" to 51905 to get on the text alert thread for this week of action and the best updates for the 15th.

Form your action groups, or just show up and join us in the streets. If you don't have one, fill out this form and we'll plug you into an action group, trainings, meetings and more.

FULL CALL TO ACTION for November 15th HERE


There are many ways to plug in.

1.) If you are in the Bay Area, join a non-violent direct action training.

2.) Join one of our weekly info calls. Every Tuesday at 5pm.

3.) If you want to join an affinity group, or have an affinity group that wants to plug in. Go to one of the above events. Or email


Fill out the form on the right and Pledge to Resist APEC.

This November -  San Francisco is hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit and related CEO summit- with over 1,200 global corporate CEOs (including the CEOs of General Motors, Exxon, Chevron, Citibank, and big tech companies) 20+ heads of state (including President Joe Biden) and 30,000 lobbyists, corporate execs, and international media attendees.. They'll be negotiating trade deals that cover 60% of global energy systems - and impact some of the most climate-vulnerable areas of the world.

APEC will have major impacts on the climate crisis, the global economy, human rights, worker rights and more for decades to come. Democracy is at risk, as the people have been completely shut out of these discussions, while corporate CEO’s and lobbyists are keynoting panels with world leaders. APEC will only greenwash the climate catastrophe we are facing and will do nothing to end the fossil fuel economy we urgently need.

In an act of global solidarity, we are seeking to challenge and dismantle the status quo of corporations and all-too-often unaccountable neo-liberal leaders of major countries signing trade and environmental pacts that put profit over people and fuel the climate crisis.

We will take mass direct action at the APEC Summit in San Francisco in November. But to do that, we need you join us.  Sign the Pledge of Resistance to APEC.

This November I pledge to:

  • Take action during the week of November 11-18 with my friends, comrades, neighbors and co-workers to shut down business-as-usual, so the status quo of corporate greed, empire and false solutions to the climate crisis is no longer an option.
  • Between now and November, I’m committed to support the organizing for a big mobilization to resist APEC.
  • During the APEC summit in San Francisco we will hold ourselves accountable to building creative and strategic nonviolent actions that bring about the world that we want to live in.

*By filling out this form, you will get regular updates on No 2 APEC climate organizing and a steady way to join organizing and action efforts for the November week of action.

*For more information and our demands, check out our website at


Shut Down APEC-CEO Summit Action Agreements (agreed upon by the No 2 APEC coalition and the Climate Bloc):

With the recognition that history is on our side in the fight against corporate America, the existing political system and capitalism at large, that we are a part of the proud and successful tradition of direct action, and that our actions also reflect on millions of others standing together across the globe, we agree to the following action agreements:

  1. We will carry no weapons or items that may be construed as weapons to an action.

  2. We will not use drugs or alcohol during an action. Nor will we bring illegal drugs to an action, including medical marijuana.

  3. We will not engage in intentional property destruction under the name of the organizers of the action.

  4. We will not publicly condemn the actions of other groups or individuals, even if we do not agree with them.

  5. We will not engage with the police, verbally or physically, and our interactions with police will be filtered through our action police liaisons whenever possible.

  6. We will carry ourselves in a way that is consistent with the tone of the action, especially in cases where the action is POC-led or led by other historically marginalized groups.

  7. When and where appropriate, we will prioritize taking leadership from individuals and groups who are disproportionately affected by the issue our action concerns.

  8. We will make every effort to make our action spaces an accommodating and safer experience for historically marginalized folks, with particular attention to ways that we can include transgender people, people with disabilities, and others who may be marginalized from action spaces. We will seek input from those groups and individuals on how best to accomplish this.

  9. We commit to praxis: a mode of political engagement where we welcome feedback and the opportunity to reflect, learn, and grow as individuals and as a group.