Stand with Mary and Bev—because Care Can’t Wait.

Mary and Bev, like any other married couple, wanted to age together in their hometown of St. Louis.

They did their research. They found a retirement community, visited several times, went through the application process, and cut a check for the $2,000 deposit. At the end, they were turned away at the door.

Friendship Village Sunset Hills, a senior housing facility in their community, refused the couple because it followed the “Biblical definition” of marriage and “defined marriage as between a man and a woman.”

Mary and Bev refused to back down.
They refused to be turned away.
They refused to be invisible.

Bev and Mary, represented by the National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR), filed a lawsuit against Friendship Village Sunset Hills.

Stand with Mary and Bev—and all LGBT elders. Because for Mary, Bev and thousands of our community's pioneers, Care Can't Wait.

Mary and Bev are the faces of the insidious and pervasive discrimination that so many LGBT elders face. In fact, a report by the Equal Rights Center found that 45 percent of same-sex couples who apply for senior housing in Missouri were discriminated against.

Step up for Mary and Bev and our LGBT elder pioneers. For them, Care Can't Wait.

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